“Rejoice always. Pray continually. Give Thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who are in Christ Jesus.”

How often do you pray?

Is your prayer life vibrant? or would you say that it has become stagnant?


Praying is simply a conversation with God.

It is your plea for help, your thankfulness for blessings received, or your search for truth in the midst of the unknowns of daily life.

People sometimes make prayer into more than it needs to be. They make it into a chore or an obligation when all God wants is an opportunity to connect with you.

It is time to change our perception of prayer.

Take a step out in faith and connect with your Creator. Have a simple conversation with Him.

Don’t know where to start?

This October 18th, in the quaint and beautiful Village of Romeo, Michigan, a beautiful life is hosting its first women’s conference. A few of the workshops that are offered can help you find your prayer voice, encouraging you in your conversational life with God.

These are the workshops for prayer:

*Hosting the presence of God: foundations of prayer (Kathryn Carty)

Have you had an encounter with God today?  Before we start our “morning routines” and tie our shoes to head out the door for the day, we need to host the most important Guest of all.  Come, as we discover together the simplicity of “Holy Hospitality” and once again fall in love with our Savior Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

*Welcome to my House God! (Barbara Koob)

Have you ever struggled with your prayer life? Do you wonder how or where to start? Are the day’s distractions standing in the way of your efforts? Does “Sister Spiritual” seem like a distant hope? In this unique prayer workshop, Barbara Koob will inspire you to:

  • Invite God into your everyday life
  • Pray inspired petitions empowered by the Holy Spirit
  • Learn about various types of prayer and discover which one works best for you
  • Grow into God’s personal prayer warrior

Come and discover how to walk hand in hand with the Creator!

*How to Effectively Pray for Others:  The Hospitality of Prayer (Kathryn Carty)

What does the impact of our prayers look like in our daily lives?  How can we know that what we are praying is effective?  How do our prayers make a difference in our families and neighbors, in our communities and in our world?  Let us join forces and stand arm-in-arm together as we learn more of who our God is and what He has in store for us as co-laborers with Him.


Vibrant conversation  is possible! Wake up your prayer life and walk hand in hand with your Savior!

Registration is open for the conference. Check out what else will be offered here.


A beautiful life ~ Simple Hospitality

Women’s Conference

October 18th, 2014 ~ Romeo, Michigan

8:00- 4:00

Keynote Speaker: Karen Ehman (Proverbs 31 ministries)

Worship by: Modern Day Cure

Lunch provided

$55 for a day of life changing connection


Soli Deo Gloria!


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