The Power of Love


A word that is so beautiful sometimes causes us to have feelings that we didn’t know existed, and at other times fills us full.    I am a girl that wears her heart on her sleeve, always have and always will.

In the past I didn’t understand why so many didn’t “get” me.  I built up walls to protect myself from getting hurt.   I thought maybe I was not meant to let many in – but the truth is, my life was intended to be just the opposite.    I have realized that the reason why people didn’t understand was because I made them feel uncomfortable.    I ask the hard questions, having no filter at times, and loving with my whole heart.

God has helped me understand that the way He made me was part of His perfect plan.   So yes, I may not be your flavor of wine, and I am learning that is ok. He has also allowed events to happen in my life to refine me, and make me more aware of how my actions create reactions.   These events have happened for a reason, and I would not take any one of them away.  Each event has contributed to a fuller soul – that loves deeply.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Luke 12:34).

The treasure that I cherish in my life is love.   I love deeply, wholeheartedly, and with my entire soul.   This is innate to my sense of being.

Every single day when I wake up, I thank God for second chances.  He gave me these second chances to bring me right where I am today; to let the walls crumble and open myself to each and every person.

I have been given so much to love in this life, and cannot imagine life any other way.   The laughter of children, the warm hug of a parent, kindred spirit time with the friends I care for, and a spouse that loves me for me.   These are my treasures.  I also treasure time with a stranger I can help, or showing empathy towards someone in need.  Love goes beyond me, it is bigger, grander.  It is simple acts of kindness that create ripple effects.

We all experience moments where pain and heartache are felt deeply.  An event takes your breath away, and creates a crack in our state of being.   I believe these moments happen to provide perspective in the pain, to help us see how very fortunate we are, or create discovery of what needs to change in our lives; all for love.

When your breath is taken away by a major event, you realize how precious this life is.    You are forever changed, and imprinted.  Your heart is changed or refined, your perspective is broadened. You remember the times that you took for granted, but the focus becomes apparent - the love that was shared in each of the moments defined you.

Life is precious, and it is how we choose to focus our lens that makes all the difference.   We cannot control how much time we have, but how we decide to spend our time, and who we decide to spend our time with is all up to us.

Ask yourself, how can you show your love today?    Take action to show love.   It is in your action that creates a rippled reaction.  We have all been affected by the event in Paris; stop by the following link to read more on how Love has impacted people LOVE WINS

Dear Lord God,

Thank-you for blessing me with the people and loved ones in my life, help me to be a woman of love.   Help me to show love in my actions, and my reactions, to extend the hand when another needs it.  Guide me to show grace, and to trust in you in every moment.   I pray for this in Jesus Name Amen.

May you be blessed my friend,



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