A Day for Girlfriends?

National Girlfriends Day ~ Whodda thunk it!! Now, I am not a big proponent of more holidays to celebrate…I think Hallmark has about covered them all, and my husband and I don’t even participate in most.  We believe in loving those around us day in and day out…not just once a year.


But I love my girlfriends…..

I treasure them ~

They encourage me when I am weak
Humble me when I am strong
Comfort me when I’m broken
and inspire me when I’m lost
They give sacrificially of both time and love when I need it the most….and never complain.

Well ~ maybe sometimes…but that’s okay:)

There is nothing that I could ever say to any one of them that would cover how deeply I feel for their courage and faith to walk with me through this great journey called life, to be my traveling companions. They truly are a gift from God, one that I will treasure forever.  So, even though I don’t think that we need another holiday logged onto our books, I could not let this day pass without recognizing all of my girlfriends – both online and in real life – for who they are to me:


My lifeline
My reason
My joy each and every day as I journey through this life.


Thank you girlfriends, for all that you are.  I love you all and will never forget the love that you so freely give.  You are truly an example of Jesus to me!

Soli Deo Gloria!



{Download your free graphic to send out to all of your girlfriends today in honor of their friendship} Here!


Go ahead and send it to your besties, to all of those who journey through life by your side. Please leave a comment and let us know how you are going to love your girlfriends today!

With a card? an email? a phone call? Make it simple….just let em know you love them for all that they are to you!

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