The Cost of Freedom

july ID

This is the week leading up to the day that we all stop and remember all of those who went before us.

Those who fought for our freedoms and kept us safe from our enemies.

We remember what they gave up for us.

For some, it was their own schedules in exchange for service to our country. Others gave up their personal freedoms; their rights as citizens so that ours would be preserved. And many gave it all - their very lives so they we could live.

This example of love, honor and sacrifice is something to be appreciated and valued. But how often on this significant day in our country do we appreciate and value the ultimate sacrifice that was made for us? And not just this day, but every other one besides?

Jesus gave it all. He showed us what the true cost of freedom is ~ another’s life.  Jesus sacrificed everything He had to make sure that we had true freedom.

Freedom from sin
Freedom from bondage to this world
Freedom to live in peace with our Creator

He gave His life so that we could live. And how often do we honor that by living? By living free from this world? By living as one with our Creator? Just as we honor those who fought for our country’s freedom so many years ago, Let us today and everyday, honor the greatest sacrifice ever made for our freedom. Jesus’ sacrifice. Let’s start living as free citizens of a heavenly kingdom.

Free from Pride
Free from self-reliance 
Free from the need for power or status
Free from personal peace at the cost of others
Free from fear
Free from living for only ourselves

Jesus sacrificed all so that we may live. What does it mean to you? Live today as though it means everything. Let today and every one here after be your independence day!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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