dear vanessa~ Perseverance

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Dear Vanessa,

I feel overwhelmed and overloaded.   I see pain everywhere with our family and friends.  People have illness, others have lost their jobs, and many feel depressed and overloaded.    How can I help?  I just wish sometimes I can relieve the pain. 


Your thoughts are welcomed,



Dearest Anita,

I understand how you feel, when I see someone in pain, I just wish I could reach out and help.   But we cannot take on the burdens of others.   We can give perspective, but cannot take on the pain.


My advice to you and your family or friends is Don’t give up.

There is always hope, and there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Life can feel light…. All you have to do is Trust, and lift up your thoughts or worries to Him. 

The story of Joseph in the book of Genesis reveals how life can bring many struggles.   Joseph was treated poorly by his brothers, who later sell him into slavery. He encounters many trials in life.  But one things that stays constant is that Joseph never stops trusting in the Lord in all things.   He lifts up his life to Lord.    He leads by example in all interactions which lead to him one day becoming one of the highest regarded advisers in Egypt.   Many years of struggle did not lead Joseph down a path of resentment or feeling sorry for himself.  Instead, he relied and surrendered to the Lord.     The gifts he received were beyond his wildest dreams.    He shows us forgiveness in the pain, by forgiving his own brothers that handed him over into slavery.     We see through his experiences forgiveness, perseverance, and trust in God in all things.   He asks God to guide his days, and God blesses him beyond his wildest dreams.

In this life once Eve bit the apple, we entered into a life that would have struggle.  But the one thing that holds true is that God is there for us.  He will help us navigate through difficulty, through painful experiences.   We need to persevere and not give up.   Look to God to help you navigate, rely on Him.   He will lead you through.

God will give us strength to push through in the painful circumstances.

Forgiveness is always possible with help from God.

God will bring good out of all things and sometimes we have to endure suffering or pain in order to feel light.  God does not inflict pain or suffering on us, but sometimes, just like a parent, he takes a step back and sometimes we learn things the hard way.

We need believe that we were meant for a life of abundance, we are what we think and this is what God wants for us.

God brings light out of darkness, and knows our needs.   All we have to do is Trust.   Lift up your worries through prayer.

Dear Lord God,

I ask that you help your children to learn how to relinquish control onto you.   Help guide them through difficulty and pain, allow them to hear your voice to guide them in all things.   We are so thankful Lord God that you have always been there for us in the pain, carrying us and helping us through.  Teach us to relieve the burdens to You as You are the one who is in control. 

I ask this in Jesus Name Amen.

May you be blessed beautiful lady,


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