God, Personality, and Relationships

Interpersonal relationships from european dating website shape our individuality, make us involved in different emotions, develop our inner world, and intertwine with our desires and expectations. They are inextricably connected with the choices we make from time to time and make their contribution to the happiness and people’s failure. The way we make these connections and relationships makes them either healthy or painful.

Our relationship depends not only on external events but also on internal ones that occur in the human soul. There is a connection with the personality of Godhead in the soul of every person, whether people know about it and want it or not. And our relationship with God bears the imprint of our relationship with people. We’ll talk about the different types of interpersonal relationships that a person can have.

Relationships with others

Relationships of people with others are expressed through their behavior, but, of course, they are not limited to them. It means that we can’t assert that we fully understand the interrelation of two people only by studying and observing their behavior. Two identical actions may have completely different origins because the motives of people are not the same, and therefore, the motive of actions is not always the same. Since relationships don’t correlate with human behavior, communication exists independently of our intentions. We can’t fully control it. For example, you work in the office eight hours a day with a colleague and you think that your relationship will be official and just polite, but nothing more. However, your mind will not ask you, and the connection has already been formed. It may not have any particular external manifestations. Relationships are, first of all, an internal event, which can later manifest itself externally, in behavior: body language, tone of voice, views, and so on.

Relationships in marriage

People and image of God were created for the Kingdom of God, and according to it, relationships are based on love. And that is why a “personal Paradise” can’t exist. Unfortunately, all these arguments look perfect, but we all know how hard it is to build healthy interpersonal relationships. Look at what is happening in relationships between people, especially married couples. People suffer in marriage. They don’t develop relationships with their children and parents. Misunderstandings constantly occur between friends. It becomes more and more difficult to build communication between loved ones.

Relationships with yourself

In addition to interpersonal relationships, there is a connection between a person and one’s soul. People have the ability to analyze ideas about themselves, which sometimes seem to start a dialogue with each other. We can hear from small children “I don’t know what is happening to me” or “I talk to myself.” Since our early childhood, our contemporaries cultivate the ability for self-observation and self-analysis. So, in our time it has become a cultural phenomenon.


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