Christian Relationships: How to Do Everything Right

Where to begin?

Let’s start with a simple truth. If you are a believing person, you can’t marry an unbeliever. The Bible clearly speaks of this. Before proposing, it is necessary to get to know a person with whom you are going to connect your life. Remember that Christians should marry only once and for life. Divorce and remarriage are not allowed!

How and where to start dating?

Of course, your church is the best place to meet Christians. It is clear that this shouldn’t be the goal of your visit to the church. The church shouldn’t become a meeting place. First of all, it should be a place where you are serving God. You can just look closely at someone at church meetings, home groups, youth ministry, etc. In a closed circle, it’s easier to watch a person you like. You can also reveal the different aspects of the soul of your future spouse at evangelicals and other church events, Christian summer camps, especially during hikes when conditions are close to extreme. But don’t rush to immediately offer to become family. Let your acquaintance last for some time, at least for several months.

What criteria should guide the choice of a future marriage partner?

Paradoxically, in our time, there is such a tendency to come to church to get married. Even in the world, there is such an opinion that is cool to marry a believer, because she or he will be a faithful spouse. Such a person will love you, pray for you, and you will do whatever you want. All you have to do is to come to church, repent, and find a couple. As we said at the beginning, if a person is a believer, this is not all. There must be intimacy. If you are dating for a long time and don’t find common interests, so there’s not even something to talk about, most likely, this is not your mate. It is also very important that the spiritual interests of future spouses coincide. For example, if you have been a church minister for many years, then it is not advisable to marry a new believer.

Is it possible to get married by a revelation from God?

Perhaps this is the best option. But the problem is that not all Christians are able to receive such a revelation because of their low spiritual level. But even if they receive it, they can’t distinguish where the true revelation of God is, and where the dreams of the heart are. If you carefully read the Bible, it is clear that the situation is special in every example of marriages with single ladies for marriage. For example, relationships of Adam, Isaac, Jacob, and others were different! Reading the Bible, you will find many examples of marriages by revelation, and each of them is unique in its own way. There are no defined patterns. Understand in your heart what is your motive for making this or that decision: to be unmarried, to be devoted to serve God, or to live “freely” for yourself in your pleasure. Do you want to do the will of God in the family or do you have nobody to wash your clothes? Also, momentary love can’t be the main motive for entering into a marriage. Feelings can be deceiving and they need to be checked by time.


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