A Son or Daughter



I heard a statement that sent me reeling in not a particularly great way. My emotional reaction to the question sparked an intensity so big that I was not able to visit this statement in my own head for a while. I was finally able to talk it over with one of my besties and try to make sense of it.

Her reaction to the same question was similar to mine.  This makes me wonder, how many of us will react similarly to this exact question:

Question:   “In relation to God are you an employee or a daughter/son?”

Oh boy!

I had to really analyze what this exactly meant.

I think I more often than not relate to God as an employer and I the employee.  Subconsciously I have put into my head my expectations that I think  God has of an employer and employee.  What can I get out of it?  I need to have good behaviour to keep my “job” (which would be my salvation, but totally not true).  Remember these are my expectations, not Gods.

This is what I think: (similar to an employer/employee)

God expects me to show up                     I expect that I am needed to show up

God wants me to do a good job               I expect that I have to do a good job for God

God’s favour is earned by what I do      I think God’s favour is obtained by what I do

I sat and pondered about when I lived at “home” with my parents or even visited there. There was no pressure. I entered their home with no preconceived ideas. I mean perhaps I might get supper out of the visit but other than that, I entered freely to be “me”.

I sat on the couch or laid on it if I choose to. I walked around, asked for something if I was hungry of helped myself if I was thirsty.  I chatted about my life, what was going on, I was not there to “impress”.  I was there to be.  My parents loved it when I came by, they enjoyed seeing me, interacting with me.

I certainly did not go there to just ask for things.

When I think of God the first thing I think is,  “what am I doing for Him?” – that is not daughter talk, that is employer/employee talk.

Do I even know how to sit and have a conversation with God about what is going on in my life – no expectations, no asking for something?

I mean is that not what most of us think of as talking to God – this constant asking for something, even if it is something for someone else. How tiring it must be to be the receiver of constant “asks”.

My sister is a hairdresser and my husband was a mechanic – you know often the only friends they seemed to have were the ones that needed haircuts or had a mechanical problem. It got tiring to be only “needed” instead of wanted.

My dear readers – God WANTS you!  He does not NEED you.

Perhaps this is a great day to sit and think about your relationship to God…. A you a son or daughter or are you an employee?



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