Spreading the JAM

What do these words have to do with JAM?  

Over the years, you would not believe all the people who have spoken against me when I have mentioned that I wanted to work with international missions. In my heart, I’d be declaring, “I need to JAM. Let’s spread that JAM.”

To me, that means JESUS AND MISSIONS.

I’ve even had dreams about about jam, Jam, and more JAM. But sadly, I have heard all kinds of things like…

  • You don’t have to go that far.
  • You can serve where you are.
  • You just want to go because that’s what you want.
  • You can’t go. You are not in “our” discipleship program.
  • Why? You know you can’t do THAT!

While some of the above could contain “some truth”, who should I listen to? There are so many voices in this world. Who is right?

I know I must be true to myself before God.  

I really believe that each person is responsible to discern what God is personally saying to them. Sometimes it’s hearing with your spiritual heart and stepping out in faith, but only you and God can make that decision.

You might make a mistake, but isn’t it better to try to do what God is leading you to do, rather than never try? 

God loves faith. It’s faith that pleases Him. I do not trust in my own works. I trust that He will reward me for the faith that I carry in my heart that He will do what I cannot. It will be His grace, His wisdom, His strength and His great and mighty deeds.

Recently, I took some little steps that I hope will lead to some bigger steps, in regards to my dreams. I don’t know why God gave me these dreams, but I have decided to pursue them.  Want to find out more about one of my dreams?  (You can do this too. Just come visit me on my blog today by clicking here.)

It’s OK that you don’t go where I go; just don’t  listen to the voices of other people. Ignore that voice of the accuser, and expect God to reward your faith.    

Start spreading that JAM wherever He sends you!

One response to “Spreading the JAM

  1. Amen sister! I get looks and negative responses to what I know God has put on my heart. It’s especially disheartening when your own family doesnt believe it. But i truly Believe that if God put those dreams there, He will be faithful to see them through. Thanks for the encouragement to follow no matter what.


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