a gathering storm….

Light dimming, speckled cloud cover

Leaves trickling down from the trees, and those remaining turn their backs

Wind catching flowers, and leaves, and random papers scattered on the ground

Earth is preparing my little corner of existence for what promises to be quite the downpour.

And it’s beautiful

I’ve always loved summer storms. Sitting on the couch, looking out at the changing weather.  Feeling the adjustment in the air, its movement ever shifting. It makes me want to curl up and hug a pillow, read a book, enjoy the transformation taking place before me.

Depending on your perspective, storms can be amazing…and awe-ful. They can bring life….and death. Elicit feelings of peace…..or terror.

But God

I’ve been through more storms in my life, than I can even count.  The ones that challenge and grow me, and many that just plain make me cry. I plead with the Father to please swoop in and save the day. Be my knight in shining armor. I press in and give up. Often it is all just too much for me to bear.

But God

As I get older I see the beauty within those times, just like in the gathering black clouds outside my window. It’s a sign of things to come, both good and bad. Just as the rain, if pouring hard enough, will rip and shred, flood and slick – so will it also fill and feed, quench and help to grow. These are the things I focus on when those clouds start gathering.

I know that with the help of the Father I will pass through those drops. Maybe a bit tattered, but definitely wiser. The growth that comes from walking through those storms, helps me to see the beauty that I should have known was there all the time. He helps me to see it.

Now, when I feel that shifting breeze and see the clouds heading my way, I sit back and gather my own coverings to weather what is coming. And I rally as much peace as I can for the journey, because I know that right in the middle of that gathering storm is the Father who loves me, just waiting to take my hand and walk me to the other side.

Seek Him

Know Him

Love Him

Trust Him

You will never see those storms the same again

6 responses to “a gathering storm….

  1. Loved this! Such true words…from the heart of a woman, made wise by a loving Father. Everyday I read the plaque above my coffee maker…Life isn’t about waiting for the storms to pass, but about learning how to dance in the rain.


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