On “Being” Worship

photo by: David Reneke

If the stars were made to worship: so will I –hillsong

My husband is a worship leader at our church.

If you asked him what  worship is all about he would reference music, voices, instruments, raised hands…you know, the things we gather to do on Sunday morning to collectively honor our Father in heaven.

…and it is

But what if music isn’t your thing, you can’t play an instrument, or the thought of singing makes you cringe? Does that make you any less capable of worshiping?

We are all created uniquely with gifts, talents, desires, and experiences that, when you combine them, make you one of a kind. No one can do what you do. How could they possibly, when your woven tapestry of life informs everything.

I would have never thought that my brokenness, my less than perfect creative techniques, my insecurities and inability to focus could ever be viewed as Worshipful.

But here’s the thing: all of creation worships Him

Stars worship

Trees worship

Rocks worship

They don’t sing, dance or play music…not in the traditional sense anyway. They simply are what they were created to be, and they do it to the best of their ability.

The mountains bow in reverence

The oceans roar His greatness

The trees sing His praises

The rocks cry out in silence

How do you see yourself? Are you a writer, an artist, mother, friend…a rock maybe 😉 If you are unsure, ask God to reveal who you are to Him, who He created you to be.

Then do it with all your might!

Be the worshiper He created you to be!

My friend, we have spent entirely too much time being who others want us to be. Trying to live up to their expectations can be exhausting. But Jesus says that His burden is light.  I’m all for that…

a cup of Peace

a large dollop of Light….

mix in a bit of Rest

the result is radical Worship!

Sounds to me like a recipe for a full life!

When we are exactly who the Lord created us to be, not only will we be filled with purpose and promise, but we will be a beautiful instrument of worship. We will sing His praises through simply being.

The wonder of His name will burst forth from the depths of who we are, because that is how He made us.

…and I for one don’t want to get in the way!


Do you like to be creative? Today on Creative Faith, I will be talking about Spirit led art. Whether you like to write, speak, take pictures, or put paint, pen or crayons to canvas, you will benefit from the ideas on how to allow the spirit connection in you to guide your ideas into a beautiful creation from within. You can read that here

Are you ready to give up the striving, the busyness, the being what others want you to be? Be still in His presence. Connect with the rest of His creation and observe how each piece is in constant worship. Your place in the choir will find you at rest, doing what you can’t help but do….


Lisa Evola is an author, artist, and seeker of His Holy Presence. Wife and mother to three, grandmother to two, and caretaker of three beautiful puppies, Lisa’s life is beyond what you would call full. But each day she answers the call to less. To peace. To the laying down of her plans in favor of the ones that Jesus lays at her feet.  In this year of discovering Wonder, she’d like to invite you on your own journey of discovery. Do something different. Take a trip, an art class, attend a retreat, or write a book. See what the Lord has instore for you when you press closer in worship, and become who you were always meant to be.

If you would like to join Lisa in her online journey through art exploration, you can sign up at Creative Faith: discovering the art you were born to create

If writing or reading is your preferred conduit, you can join her writing journey at Lisa Evola: author of fiction, short stories, poetry and prose . As an author of both fiction and non-fiction, as well as a coloring book, Lisa has vast experience and a desire to shout His praises in any way that He leads her to. Her titles include: 30 days of coloring HOPE, contributor for Rise:32 weeks of inspiring devotions to fuel your first year in college, and is present working on her first novella entitled Sparrow. You can read more about these adventures on her blog.

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