Straighten Your Crown

One day last year I was having a challenging day. No, it was just a difficult season in my life.

As I was sharing my bleeding heart with one of my girlfriends, she prayed God’s love and encouragement for me. I will never forget her words.

“Lord,” she spoke, “help Barb to remember who she is, a daughter of the King, child of the Most High God. When stuff happens, and she doesn’t feel like she is worthy, gently remind her to just straighten her crown.”

I wondered what she meant about straightening her crown, but then, she sent this amazing photo.  I have no idea where it came from (sorry no credits, but I would if I knew); however, this pic is too good not to share.

Lord, help all my friends at A Beautiful Life Ministry to remember who they belong to.

I hope you will join me to Come Fly with God in 2018 – to love, hope and dream with purpose. To read my first post about how to Lift Off with His Love,  click here.

4 responses to “Straighten Your Crown

  1. Identity is such an important thing, and often what we lack. We see ourselves as other people see us, whatever the context of the relationship is….but our most important identity is God’s child. Straightening our crowns should be the first thing we do every day, then view all of our other identities that lens…..great in theory, but putting it into practice is where the challenge comes in.

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    • Yep, practice is where the challenge comes in. But oh how freeing it is to deeply know this truth. Good thing the Lord gives us lots of opportunities to practice, and it builds inner strength in the process. Thanks for reading Lisa!

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