ONE word, ONE journey, ONE life

Today is the beginning – 1/1

A new start

The first day of the rest of your life.

I know that for many it seems like a day just like any other, albeit maybe much colder depending on where you reside on this vast planet. It is -4f here as I write this, and although the white outside my window is beautiful, it can sometimes feel cold and lonely as it does now.

The house is quiet, dogs sleeping at my feet, and all I can hear is the occasional slow crunching of tires as they roll down the snow covered street before me.

One moment in the timeline of my life.

ONE can mean many different things depending how you think about it

  • It can signify something different than what you already have or have experienced– the first of
  • It can be relational, as in separating from a group of somethings – one of a…
  • It can also indicate focus as in one thought or expression to explore, visualize or meditate on.


I’ve read several things recently on the benefits of ridding ourselves of all the junk and noise that crowds our thoughts and our lives, and choosing one thing to focus on for the year. Something to give aim. Something to bring us back from the noisy edges of life to a center of meaning and deeper expression.

ONE word

ONE sentence

ONE thought


What you choose and how you decide to use it is ultimately your decision.

You may want to choose a mantra that will be a positive affirmation for who you would like to be or a new way of thinking

Or you could choose a phrase that explains a driving force in your life that you would like to see become a much greater influence

Me?  I’m going to choose a word.  ONE word that will take me from where I am and set me on a journey of discovery. An exploration of experiences, places and expression not visited before.

It may take you a while to discover what your one word may be, or you may already have one that keeps coming up in conversations, books, scripture, or even simply pops in your mind as you read this post. Trust it

Sometimes this is God’s way of getting your attention. It is that little voice inside of you that says “look here, pay attention to me”. The voice in your Spirit that makes you see what others may not, but you just know that this was meant for you, that there is something important to learn there. That voice is giving you direction – your word *

Take heed *

For the last couple of months, the word WONDER has been filling my being. I’ve sung it in songs, read it in books, and heard it in those quiet moments of Morning Prayer and reflection:

Beloved, rediscover the WONDER

There was even a recent movie with this title. Everywhere I went that word was evident to me. It became larger than life as I went about my busy.

So… for this year, this new season of discovery, this first day of the rest of my life, I am going to do exactly that:

Rediscover Wonder

Would you like to join me in finding your focus?

Would you like to begin the New Year with a new thought or focus?

Would you like to see what God is alerting your spirit to?

Join me over at creative faith today for some ideas on discovering your one word and a tutorial for creating an easy booklet that you can log your discoveries into for 2018.

This is a great practice for not only creatives, but prayer warriors, journalers, photographers, writers, dreamers-

anyone who would like to see change in their lives, relationships and hearts.


My prayer today is that God will speak mightily in your life and in your spirit, and bring about renewed vision for the New Year and new possibilities that are on the cusp of discovery.

Happy 2018 my friends!



*God’s voice would never tell you

 to do something you know is wrong. 

 If this is the case, it is not from the Lord.

 Ask for guidance and wisdom in choosing

 your focus. It will always point back to 

Him, if it is indeed from Him.


This is the only post you will receive for the month of January. All of our writers this month are refocusing, listening to the voice of the Lord, and renewing the calling placed on their lives. Thank you all so much for your continued readership in 2017. We look forward to serving you in the precious coming year we have all been given.

See you in February!

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