Blooming even in infertile ground

There are days that the heaviness of life squashes every ounce of Praise, joy and consequently -inspiration.

Our desire is to be able to work past it, to be bigger than the trouble, but the fact is ~ we’re not. We need the fertility of hope and life and nature to bring us out of the mire that we often find ourselves in.  But as we wallow around in that mire, our feet become stuck. Hope looks like mud, and inspiration is but a distant memory.

In those situations it is difficult to bloom

We keep looking for the rain and fertilizer that is needed to produce those flowers of beauty within us, the ones we know are sitting just below the surface of the ground. We wait for the Master Gardener to sprinkle us with some much needed sunshine. But the ground that we often find ourselves in is infertile and angry, and counterintuitive to growth. So even when that sunshine comes we can find it difficult to reach beyond the soil and take that first step toward opening up.

Have you been there?

I’m there now.

For months inspiration has eluded me. The few morsels of fertilizer I had have been washed away with the rains of trial and disappointment. My fledgling flower is sitting just beneath the surface of some of the most infertile ground I’ve encountered in years, and I can’t seem to break through.

Jesus describes a similar situation when He talks about the flowers of the field and the birds of the air. They neither spin nor sow, yet they bloom beautifully and have everything they need to become what they were always meant to be – beautiful.

What is their secret?

They trust

They don’t think about what they can do to make the sun shine

They don’t consider the ground around them at all, but simply do what they were created to do – grow

They don’t talk themselves out of their purpose simply because conditions aren’t optimal

They simply trust that when their time comes, they will do exactly as they should.

So what keeps us from doing exactly as the flowers do? Simply growing, even in infertile ground?

I could write a detailed list of exactly what I believe the culprits to be, and the list would be long. But in reality, they would only be excuses. Things sitting in the middle of my path, no different than anyone else’s blockades.

Yet they are mine.

And only I can find a way around them.

How do you bloom even when you find yourself in infertile ground?

One moment at a time with eyes looking up instead of at the ground around your feet.

There are 5 flowers blooming in my garden today. Would you like to see them? Hop on over to Creative Faith and join me in creating evidence of blooms, even if you aren’t seeing them in your life at this moment. Or if you like short stories, I have a story posting this morning on my personal page. It is called “Eglantine” I would love for you to stop by and give it a read, then let me know what you think!  I look forward to meeting you there!




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