New Habits – Practice Makes Perfect

Moving into the New Year everyone is looking for a fresh start.  I get it.  The old is done, you’ve had enough. Starting fresh is a great opportunity for improving, but how long does it last? A couple of days, a week. MAYBE a month? Ninety-eight percent of New Year’s resolutions are lost before the calendar turns to a new page. Here we are – it’s February 1st. How are you doing with that fresh start? What I’ve discovered is that if you really want to make a change, you have to be intentional.

Habits take time: much longer than the 21 days that most experts tell you. That is my experience anyway. All it takes is a nasty cold, or a large work project to knock me off course, and getting back on is near impossible. You have to cut yourself some slack and when you fall off that first wagon, don’t simply throw your hands into the air and give up. Begin again new the next day. Never stop trying to accomplish your goals.  They were worthy of your efforts once, I guarantee they will be again. The more you keep trying, the more likely that you will succeed in the end.

Habits take desire: You have to really want it, or love it.  You can’t start a diet when you don’t like any of the food, or move into a bicycling exercise regime if you would rather be walking. The point is to choose something that you really want to do, find some aspect of it that you can cultivate into something you enjoy. Choosing something you already love doing and want to do, also helps when forming habits. For instance, my Husband loves to ride his bike…me not so much.  If it was a resolution of his to make that a more regular practice to use as a fitness option, he would be much more successful than I would be – because he already loves it!

Habits take practice: I can’t tell you how many times over the years that I have given up on trying to make art a regular part of my life. Feelings of inadequacy as well as the inability to profit enough from it to call it a job, effectively kept me from ever being serious. But through the dry times, creating creeps back in, seeking to cheer me and give new found purpose in my days. Persevering in its practice has helped to bring new vision and meaning to life, and the longer I keep at it, the better I become.

Know this-

You can be successful in whatever it is that you endeavor to do. Read the bible in a year, lose 20 pounds, get your house cleaned and organized. It is all doable.

Believe you can

See your victory

Keep in practice

Keep on trying to accomplish your goals, be faithful in your practice and God will honor that and give you the strength you need. Is being creative one of your goals this year? Stop by and sign up fro all of the inspiration that we will be sharing!




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