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Is There a GOD who cares?

Cologne Cathedral

Have you ever wondered if there is a God who really cares? A few years ago, I had the most unusual thing happen to me and my eight year old daughter while taking a self-guided tour of the Magnificent Cologne Cathedral.

We were in Germany for the week, stowing away with my husband, her dad while he was working. Anika got to skip school for a few days, and I didn’t have to cook. Plus, we had great fun having mother-daughter bonding time in so many ways.

But I will NEVER forget this one particular day because what happened was not an accident!  

As we stood there looking on a beautiful Nativity Scene in one of the side altars of the church, I hear a woman’s voice cry out in English,” IS THERE A GOD WHO CARES?”

Readers, this incident happened in Germany, not in an English speaking country. If that voice had cried out in German, I would have never understood those words. If that voice had spoken another language, I still would have been clueless.

What would you have done? I could not be silent.

I found the woman, and listened to her story. Her name was Helen, and she had been a mail-order bride from Thailand. She had given her life to this German national for over 20 years, became his wife, cooked and cleaned, and cared for him, and now… he was divorcing her.

Hurting, rejected, and left penniless, she had no family in Thailand, and now… no one in Germany. What would she do? How would she survive?

I have to admit her English wasn’t that good, and certainly I could not communicate in German or Thai, but the Lord had me speak His language of love.

I hugged her, and pointed to the crèche, of the little baby Jesus and said, “This is why God sent Him, to heal the broken-hearted!” (Luke 4:18-19)

I told her about the Savior, the One who loved her, and prayed for her. I’m not sure she understood all that I said that day, but I have to believe that it was a God appointment!

I can’t explain why God happened to use me and my daughter, but I am sure God heard Helen that day. As I prayed with her, I prayed that God would supernaturally  intervene in her situation, and that He would give her a miracle.

I wish I could have done more; however, I was not in a position to help her connect with some godly friends who would stand by her side during this time of need, especially since I was just a tourist for one week while in Germany.  But I have to believe that the same God who saw her, is the same One who will take care of her!


This incident may seem insignificant, but every single person is loved and important to God. He wants to use you and me to communicate His heart for people… wherever, whenever, and to whomever you may meet.

Today, will you speak of His love to someone in need? Show them you care?

Let’s cast our cares on Him, for He cares for us.