Confessions of a Spin Cycler

Spinning class group of young people at the gym

Spinning class group of young people at the gym

Have you ever gone to the gym, looked through the window of a spin cycle class and thought…. those people are fitness freaks! I could never do that?!

Well, I actually gave the spin class a try a few years ago, and discovered I LOVED IT.

At first, I found the class to be rather unnerving; however, I quickly discovered I could adjust the tension on the bike. Next, I learned that by sitting back on the seat my bottom wouldn’t hurt as much. The instructor also encouraged me by continuing to say “you can do this!” She knew this would help me strengthen my muscles and build endurance.

In all honestly, I was really scared, especially the first time, but I kept going, and by the 2nd class, I was smiling and pedaling with the best.

The 8:15 AM class is a great time for my fitness schedule, and spinning has now become one of my favorites. Did you know that you can burn over 600 calories in one hour? The Lord has even blessed me with a few class friends, who are are just like me.

YES, spin Cycling now seems like the perfect workout for me. But this one particular Monday, it was a blast!

Since so many in the class knew each other, our work out was far more enjoyable by “egging” each other on. That front-row (FR) thinks they are better than those of us who prefer to remain hidden in the back-row (BR). Those over-achieving fitness freaks (FR) are always seriously peddling away to receive the maximum benefit from this class, while those other back-sliders (Oops, meant to say back-row spinners (BR)) are hysterically taking their breaths in stride while cracking jokes.

That morning, we hurled comments back and forth at each other. We became amicable opposing sides contending for the imaginary finish line, the end of our workout.
FR: “Look at all the back-row bikers. They can still breath and talk.”
BR: “You front-row freaks, you think you look you look so cool.”
FR: “You back-rowers aren’t not working very hard.
BR: “Front-row, we may not be as fit as you, but we are having more fun. HAHA!”

So who had the best workout? Who won?

Many times we are tempted to think that the race is about working hard to get to the finish line, but do we stop and enjoy the moment? Sometimes I think we are called to suck it up and finish well. Other times, we need to stop and enjoy the moments. Never should our goal should never be based on comparing ourselves with others.

Often I use this spinning class to clear my thoughts with God. While I merrily pedal away those pounds, I take in the people, the discussions, the surroundings and let God speak to me.

And wow… He was speaking to me that day. “Barb,” He said, ….

  • “I am always with you, even in the simple things like an exercise class.”
  • “Embrace who I created you to be. You do not have to be on the front-row unless I have called you there.”
  • “Let me teach you just like that first cycling instructor, during those difficult start-ups and these hard-pressed times.”
  • “Enjoy the journey whether you are on the front-row or back-row. You can do both— work and play. “
  • “It is I who will direct your path, and I who will get you where I want you to be.”

Many times we think we have to sit and pray, but really, God can speak to us while we are in motion. For people like me, that truth is a God-send, for it allows me to flow with how God has wired me. That is often when I best hear Him speak.

Who would have thought that God could say so much during a spin class? However, He did, as He delights to speak to me and you in all kinds of place and in all kinds of ways… to direct us, encourage us and help us with our lives.

Today, this is my confession. Front row or back, working hard or playing, wherever I go, I will follow Him, running the unique race that He has for me. I am learning and growing everyday, doing things I never thought I could…
For I can do all things in Christ, even work out on a bicycle and enjoy it!


Have you ever thought you could never do something? 

Barb Koob
Barbara Koob is an ordinary woman who is learning to hope and dream with purpose. She is an author and speaker, as well as a real Barbie doll who journals about her road to freedom in Christ. You can visit her at

2 responses to “Confessions of a Spin Cycler

  1. I have to admit, bicycling isn’t my thing. But you are right Barb, whatever you decide to do, He is with you. Through the busy times as well as the quiet and introspective. Recognizing His presence in the everyday aspects of life is truly a gift. Enjoy the ride!


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