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Back to School


I am back in School. Not a clue I was headed there – but I got a job in the Library at a High School so……I am up in the mornings, and headed out the door – no more of those Blog typing mornings on my couch in my pj’s!

Being back in school and working with High Schoolers takes me back to the world of “teenagers”  – they truly do think differently than other groups of people.

For example:

One of my duties is to write truancy letters for the Principals. My first letter was last week – apparently, this student had not attended any of his classes for five days in a row. I looked at the principal incredulously and said “Well he was here, he was in the library.”  Being new I had no idea that he was “skipping” and “hiding out” right in front of me – little turkey!  Next day he was doing school work!

Another student came in to do some work, wandered around and went towards a group of other students to “work”.  I said perhaps if he wanted to work properly he should pick a table by himself.   He nodded and walked towards the tables, looked at them and said, “I don’t really like the shape of these tables.”  A little awed by this statement, I pointed to the round table in the corner and asked if that one would be more to his liking?  He looked over at it and then sat down at the one he did not like.  Turns out he had a “test” to write not just school work and I guess that table shapes are a factor in doing your best work – I mean, who knew?

My favorite and a regular everyday occurrence is when the students come in and ask for their locker combination – because they regularly lock the combination inside the locker when they put it away in there to keep it “safe”  and then can not remember it when they go to get back in their locker.

Some things have not changed – like lockers and those combination locks – same issue that we all faced, same scary dream that you will walk into school and not be able to remember your combination and ever get back into your locker. Peer pressure – still there and still the same, heart breaking to watch it from this side of the fence.

We had our first “lock down” drill,  when I was in school or even my kids, we never ever had to think about such things, never mind practice a drill, but it is present day reality now.

You know God must feel a lot like this watching us, His children, go through the struggles of life.  He refers to us as “children” for a reason, we will never be as “mature” as God is or ever perfect, this side of heaven. God’s life lessons are meant to teach us, to give us better understanding, make us better people and that is what High School is for as well; we teach the students, we give them better understanding and insight and hope to make them into better people.   We might not have ever thought of high school like that, but it was another tool God used to shape and mold us into the people He wants us to be.

I have to admit that these kids make my eyes roll and make me giggle – sometimes all at the same time – I wonder if God does the exact same thing watching us make our  “moves”.

By Jane Wheeler

Ray of Sunshine Ministries