Listen to the Rain

by: Virginia Cradlebaugh

Quench my thirst , Oh Lord, I desire to hear your voice 

I lean close and listen for the downpour of your rain 

The garden of my heart has been parched for so long 

The heat of my schedule with its tasks I have become

 Consumed by its burdens a desert filled with stones 

I need your power, your Presence to spend time with you alone

The showers come at first in a sprinkle and in mist 

I lean my ear still closer so my heart can really list 

To your voice, soft and gentle as it soothes my cares away 

Then rain comes in downpours as I in earnest pray 

For the laborers to be sent into fields of harvest white 

May I found be still working while the day still has your Light

2 responses to “Listen to the Rain

  1. Virginia,
    Such a powerful poem about the need of our souls for the sustaining outpouring of God’s love. Thanks for sharing your gift. g


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