The Sunshine Revelation

SunshineHow could I resist this sweet face and not give her some of my bratwurst?

That picture is of my darling little dog Sunshine perching on my “comfie” chair begging for a just a morsel of my lunch. She has excellent balance and jumping skills too. And you would think that if I give her a piece of food that she’d be satisfied?

No way! She will beg for more. And the more I indulge her, her behavior actually gets worse.

However, I love my little dog. Every time I walk in the room my  Sunshine is happy to see me. She frequently joins me in the kitchen to help me while I’m cooking. You know she really helps me too! (haha!)  I must says it’s wonderful to have such a good little friend.

Do you know that can God use animal symbols in your dreams? He has even used my pets in my dreams to speak to me about myself. Often my pet is a reflection of me in my dream.  Through a dream symbol of my dog, God has shown me…

  • my willingness to do anything for a treat.
  • my imperfections and need for a bath.
  • myself as His dear beloved pet.
  • about His unconditional love for me!

Do you know that this concept of seeing yourself like an animal is actually found in scriptures? Take a look at this verse…


If you’d like to learn more about how to interpret dream symbols, I am teaching an Online 8-Week Dream Discoveries Class starting in September. Just hope over to my blog by clicking here.

PS. Are you an animal lover like me? I love my petite “Sunny Dog”  so much that even when she behaves poorly, I can’t resist giving her a treat. (You gotta know you know that’s true love!?!) However, I like to think that it’s a good example of how much God loves us. It’s just like His grace. Even when we miss it, we are still His “Sunshine”. (Hope that makes you smile today. :-D)

Wishing you a bright sunny day!

Barb KoobBarbara Koob is an ordinary gal learning to hope and dream with purpose. You can find her at  where she journals about being a real Barbie-doll on her road to friend.  For info about her book Dream Discoveries, click here.

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