Mid-summer Re-runs, and a projects you just can’t miss!

Here we are, the last month before the hustle and bustle of school begins!  

As our writer’s gear up for the coming fall, they will be spending this time renewing and rebooting the well of inspiration. As they spend much needed time with their families, we will be bringing you the top two posts from each writer beginning tomorrow. Please enjoy these great summer re-runs!

But before we go, here is an easy project to take on in what remains of this beautiful summer.  Enjoy!!

aug 1

Yes you can!

by: Mischele Makhlouf

I posted a picture of these chairs on my Facebook to find out that a lot of people didn’t know that you can actually refurbish them.  So yes you can and is much less expensive than buying new.

Things you will need:

Drill and bits or screw driver        Sewing machine and thread                        Ruler or measuring stick

6-7 yards of Outdoor material of choice depending on the size of chairs (Can be found at Joann fabrics)

Iron and ironing board

1st Step is to disassemble the chairs by first removing the screws in the rails and body of the chair. Then removing the cross bars.

Remove 2 end caps either top of or bottom of both rails with a flat head screw driver. No need to remove all 4.

Then begin pulling the material out or sliding it out of the side rails. It should slide out very easily. You will find 2 ribs (long white flexible round pieces, see picture) on both the insides of the material. Remove those and set aside, you will reuse these in the reassembly of the chair. Note: Keep the material from at least one of your chairs to be used as your pattern.

Tip: Now that you have your chair in pieces. This would be a good time to repaint them if you choose to using Rust-o-leum  rust proof /outdoor paint.  Let dry while you are preparing the material.

My chairs are exactly 19-1/2” from side to side not counting the seam. So I ended up actually adding an extra 1-1/2 to each side (23-1/2” x length +1”)  so I could double fold for the seam and pocket. Add an extra inch for the length for the same reason. Once you have these measurements cut your pieces according to size.

Now you are ready to sew the top and bottom seams first. Rolling them under twice sew a seam ¼” from the edge of material.

Next you will form the pockets to the sides in which the ribbing will be inserted and lay. Make a minor ½” fold at the edge of material. (I found it helpful to iron it down) now you will fold it over once more approximate an inch. Do the same process to the opposite side but in doing so I actually took my ruler and turned the material over at the 19-1/2” mark and then turned it under again that ¼”. Sew the seams in place keeping in mind you need room for ribbing and then I sewed a second seam 1/8” over from the first seam, creating a nice look as well as reinforcing the material to hold weight.

Note: The closer you stay with the outside dimension whatever that may be in this case 19-1/2” the tighter the seat of your chair will be. This is why I found Ironing a mark along the sides was much easier to maintain that dimension.

Now for re-assembly. First install your ribs…make sure they are running the same way. Then slide the material and ribbing into the rail, fairly easy. Now install your cross bars and set the rails into the frame of the chair and begin screwing them in place.

Finish touch is to reinsert the caps and yep you are ready to take a load off your feet!

Congratulations on not filling the land fill with your now beautiful chairs.


See you in September!!


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