Why do we make everything so complicated?

july 28


This is part two in a three part mini series. If you missed yesterday’s post: I’m just a girl…that would be a good place to start. read that here

“Whenever you have the time.” It was said with almost a sigh, or maybe there was a bit of eye rolling going on that I just couldn’t see on the other end of the phone. We were trying to put together a breakfast meeting, my mother and I, as we do every month. Just to stay connected. The days move so quickly by that if we don’t plan and implement, we would become complete strangers.

But time is a hot commodity in my life. Time? There isn’t any…none to spare anyway.  I discovered long ago that I don’t find time…I make time.

  • For what I want to do
  • For who I need to see
  • For my dreams and desires

I simply have to push aside the to-do list in favor of calmer waters. Time will never, ever present itself – we just have to TAKE it.

But I’m the type of person that tends to take on too much, mainly because I want to live life to the fullest, and experience everything that the Lord created here. My husband would say I have way too many hobbies….like most creatives. And there simply isn’t enough time in the day – heck, my lifetime, to do everything that I would like to. Work, house, kids, church, writing, drawing, restoring….their siren’s call keeps me moving in swift cadence throughout the day. The minutes all run together till I can no longer recognize one from another.

Life has gotten complicated

Can you relate?

I want to be

  • a good mother
  • a good wife
  • a good writer
  • a good artist
  • a good homemaker
  • a good friend
  • a good business owner
  • a good disciple of the King
  • a good _______

You get the idea. The days are full trying to be everything, And we complicated them by saying yes to everything.

So why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we have to complicate our days like this when clearly- according to Jesus, this should all be easy? {my yoke is easy, and my burden is light – matthew 11:30} Do we have to stop wanting so much? Expecting too much from our days?

Here is my take on why it is that we complicate everything the way we do:

  1. Our focus is in the wrong place

What others are doing and what they have is enticing – on the surface anyway. We see their shiny houses and cars, their perfect husbands/wives, their overflowing bank accounts or toys tucked into their garages, and we think it is something we want…that it will somehow make our lives better. When was the last time you looked around at what you had and said “I don’t want anything more”? Can you be happy right where you are with what God has placed in your life?  If you are always focusing on someone else’s grass, you will never be able to see how yours is greening up.  God in His infinite wisdom has given you exactly what you can handle. No more, no less. Consider that. Trying to keep up with what your neighbor is doing is just plain exhausting, and a sure fire recipe for discontent.

  1. We think our way is best

Of course we do…we think it right? Not likely you will come up with an idea and immediately say – well, it isn’t a good idea…but it’s mine. Our ways are born in our hearts, from desire and the influence of our surroundings. That alone should keep us on our knees.

  1. We do everything in our own power

This is why we are so tired all of the time. We use our brains to plan out the details, our muscles to implement those plans, and our powers of reasoning to fix it all when things go awry. Mental exhaustion is a very real thing…it is actually more detrimental to our health than physical exhaustion. I remember when I was in college, I was taking a particularly difficult Algebra class. During that semester I was dreaming Algebra! …and I’ve never been more tired in my life. When we exert ourselves physically, our muscles repair as we sleep and eat – making them like new…and stronger than before. That is how they are made to work. But when we overexert our minds and emotions, the wheels continue to turn as we sleep, not allowing us to rejuvenate that part of our being.  Our brains continue to try to work out problems in our heads…things that we feel we don’t have control over, and that is a recipe for weary if I have ever heard one. Have you ever woken up more tired than when you went to sleep? It makes for a very exhausting day indeed.

These things?  We all do them. Our desires for a beautiful life are strong, it is what drives us to choose less than the best sometimes. But there is a way….a lighter path….an easier yoke.

Tomorrow we will finish up this short series with some practical steps that we can take each day to alleviate some of the stress and tension of life’s (and our own) expectations. See you tomorrow!

Soli Deo Gloria!


2 responses to “Why do we make everything so complicated?

    • Just a girl in love….
      Thank you for the encouragement Barb. The Lord is so faithful in filling my mind and heart with words. They don’t always come out right…but He is growing me through this process. Love to you sweet girl!!

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