Preparing For Our Journey

Life is a journey

Each and everyday is filled with joys and sorrows, choices that shape our life, and experiences that aren’t necessarily welcome.  Although each of us has our own path to travel, I think we all begin with the same basic questions:

  • How do I “do” this thing called life?
  • Where do I begin?
  • What is in store for me as I walk out each day that I wake upon this earth?

Whether we realize it or not, these questions plague our thoughts as we try to live righteous in the sight of God. 

Today, we have an excerpt from a book called “Breathing In Your Life” by one of our own writers, Stephanie Reynolds. It is a refreshing look at living in the spirit as we travel the terrain of each day of our life.  Please enjoy this small piece of Stephanie’s heart, and consider leaving a comment. A link is included below if you are interested in reading more of this thought provoking book.


Breathing In Your Life—

A Guide to Redeeming the Time and Living a Full Life of Quiet, Gentle Purpose and Blessing

Breathing in. Book Cover

Inward and Upward

Sweet friend, let us set the stage for our journey.  Just as we consider  how we might guard against mishaps on a drive across country;  such as not speeding, making sure we have enough fuel, et cetera, let’s take a moment to pause and identify what we need to remember as we walk this path of grace.

Peace.  Love.  Joy.  Mercy.  Beauty.  All those things that we seek begin from within.

–If we live in a garden but still harbor anger in our spirit, then our presence will bring down the beauty of the garden and its charms will be lost on us.

–If we buy pretty dresses and curl our hair and find the perfect way to highlight our faces, but gossip or slander, then our beauty efforts are just a ribbon on a bottle of poison.

–If we live with the kindest of people, but we are unkind ourselves, then we will know it and feel the separation.

–If we desire forgiveness, but take offense quickly and loudly, then we lose, because we will never receive what we are unwilling to give.

–If we want the best for ourselves, but are not willing to give the best of ourselves, then we will be forever empty, wasted, longing, bitter.

–If we are waiting for our lives to be better before we become (better, happier, kinder, more generous, more forgiving, more loving, laughing more, being thankful, being joyful) then we will wander lost and burdened.  We will have missed the truth:  the Lord gives abundantly and we are to be joyful in all things.

Love does not come from somebody loving us, but from us loving others.  Joy does not come from things going our way, but rather from us exuding joy from the Lord.  Peace does not come from all the money we want, but from a decision to trust Him to provide.  Quietness does not come from a little farm in the country, but from turning away now from the inner desperations, desires, longings, envies, and noise in our lives.

I think when we desire money or a vacation or for our lives to be different in any other way, we are looking for a life of peace and beauty.  However, we must remember that the blessings of the Lord do not depend on money!  He would never allow His blessings to only be available to those who are wealthy enough to buy a house by the sea.

Darling, let me reiterate that, because it is a bolt out of the blue, a complete change in thinking:

We want peace and joy.  We want to feel gentle and rested in our spirits. We often think that we can get these things if we can win the lottery, retire wealthy, get an inheritance, find a different job, move to the shore, the mountains, or the country.

However, the Lord would never hinge the fruit of the Spirit, which includes peace, joy, love, nor rest for our souls, which comes from Jesus, on our situation or financial status.  He would never make it available only after retirement, only for those who have wealth, only for those who live in one area but not another.

We can get all we want and more if we look up at Him and inward at ourselves.  Then we will find the same peace in a hovel as we think we would find in a mansion.  We will find the same beauty in a dandelion as in a rose.  The world will begin to shine with blessing.


Did you like this excerpt?  You can find the book “Breathing In our Life – A Guide to Redeeming the Time and Living a Full Life of Quiet, Gentle Purpose and Blessing” on Amazon here

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