Chewing on Roots

July roots

I sat and watched Melody {my grandpuppy} this morning, chewing and biting on a stick; a root that she had pulled from the burn pile.  The crunching noises were significant as she worked her way around it, pulling off all of the loose bits of bark and sinew - then eating it. I shook my head slowly. It never fails to surprise me what our little darling considers food.  My husband says that she isn’t a dog at all, but a goat in puppy’s clothing.

She will sit for long periods of time chewing joyfully, and if you come anywhere near her while she is consuming her newest conquest, she grabs her treasure and runs just out of your reach, as though you are trying to take it from her and all the fun with it.  And she is right mostly. As her “parent” it is my responsibility to make sure that she isn’t doing anything that will harm her, or cause her distress….like eating non-food items. {rolling my eyes} For the most part, I have all but given up. I figure at some point she will discover more preferable ways to occupy her time, and choose far sweeter things to eat – yes?

Not so much

She has been with us for two months now and the sticks only get bigger. As I watch and sigh at my inadequacy as a puppy grandma, I ponder how similar we all are to that puppy.

  • Have our bad habits, the non-food items that we chew on daily, become something that we simply can’t let go of?
  • Do we hold stubbornly onto things that are not only lacking in spiritual “nutrition”, but also have to taste downright gross?
  • Do we run when our loving Father tries to take them from us in order to give us something much more palatable and better suited to a healthy lifestyle?


I offer Melody a cleaned carrot in exchange for her latest conquest…and she hesitates. She knows the carrots, loves their sweet taste and crunchy texture, but she’s not sure that it is a good enough trade. After considering me for a minute or two, she finally drops the twisty root she has been chewing on and accepts my gift.

Consider this: your heavenly Father, who loves you most dearly, is offering you something in exchange for the crap that you are holding on to. His hand is outstretched with something far sweeter and more satisfying than the twisty root you have latched onto. Drop it immediately and take what He wants to give you. You won’t be sorry!

Carrot gone, and a drink of water… Melody trots off in search of her next treasure: a trumpet flower: mildly toxic to the puppers.

Sighs…and the chase begins….

Soli Deo Gloria!


Tags: Accepting God's gift of His son, accepting Jesus, accepts His gift, an offering in His outstretched hand, Bad habits, choices, God is reaching out to you, holding stubbornly onto things, offerings, running from the Lord, sin, sins roots, The Lord is chasing you

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