This week in a beautiful life + Coloring book giveaway

Here is what you missed this week at a beautiful life:

july 4Plans for {in}Dependence Day -lisa evola

I love the quiet of the morning.  Sitting in the comfy chair wrapped in a blanket, holding a steamy cup of joe between both hands, breathing in its full bodied aroma. The others in my house still sleep, yet outside my window, birds gather and flit. They do not know… {read more}


july bandaidBand-aid of the Heart -barbara koob

That day I had the most exciting news to share with my husband. As I relayed my deep self-revelation, he….{read more}



IMG_3178Get Up and Go -brenda gerland

When you wake up in the wee hours of the morning, do you look at the clock? …{read more}




Revelations Large and Small -claudia royal


To me this word is of epic proportions; intimidating.  Not just the Book of Revelation, but the whole concept of God revealing things.  It is awesome, frightening,amazing, incredible…. {read more}

31 days coverHope for the Hopeless - Plus coloring book giveaway and presale  -lisa evola

The news came swiftly, and after the fact. Suicide. He was only twenty-four, maybe twenty-five. How could one so young lose every last shred of hope in his life, so that leaving it seems like the only remaining option. HOPE… {read more}


THIS week is the pre-sale for 31 Days of Coloring HOPE. I hope that you will join in!  Leave a comment on the post above, and you will be entered for a free copy! There are also lots of pre-sale perks so check out the deals. Our prayer is that you find time with the Lord today, whether that is reading His words of love, meditating on a scripture, or interacting with His creation.

Look for Him in everything you do, and you will surely see God!

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