a week in a beautiful life

Was this week busier than ever?  In my end of the spectrum it was.  I missed all sorts of stuff. If this was your experience this week, never fear - a re-cap of a beautiful life is here!

This is what you missed:

Man Hands -marcia lee laycock

“Definitely not a job for my man hands.”  I chuckled as I watched an episode of The Amazing Race recently. The contestants had flown off to Bali where they had to go through various tests. One of the challenges proved difficult to some of them in an unusual and unexpected way… {read more}

overwhelmedWhat to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed -janis cox

I wrote the following post back in September 2012 a month before my first children’s book, Tadeo Turtle, was released. I reread it again today and know how much I have changed in 4 years. I have become… {read more}

june bearing fruitEventually -lisa evola

Do you know who you are? Do you understand your purpose?   These are questions that we all – Christ followers or not, ask. We live in a world that… {read more}


God's purpose-2When Life isn’t What We Expected -finding purpose -shelly richardson

We all have fantasized about our lives and who we would be when we grow up.  We have set goals and made plans. Maybe your dream was to graduate high school and move on to college. Then marriage, a house with a white picket fence… {read more}

june 24 postA Matter of Taste + Recipe -maria wolff

A high-quality extra virgin olive oil is a must-have staple in many kitchens, partly because… {read more}




Thanks for stopping by.  See you next week!

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