Digging Holes

june digging holes pic

Puppies amaze me. They make me laugh, and I often scratch my head in wonder.

This was not one of those times.

I had spent the better part of the morning taking non-edibles out of my grand-puppies mouth; woodchips, garden flowers….cat poo! 

I flopped down on the patio chair in exasperation thinking “I am too old for puppies…puppies are for the young, like kids!” The sun warmed my face and I closed my eyes, tilting my head to capture its radiance. I sat like this for no more than a minute or two when I remembered: Puppy! I quickly looked around for her adorable little body, and there, on the woodchip path between my raised garden beds, was my little Melody, paws working furiously at the earth beneath the chunky wood pieces.

My mouth simply fell open as I watched her dig and dig….. and dig.  A scream caught in my throat, and I just sat there watching, mouth agape. Maybe she had found something; a snake, a mole…buried treasure? Curious, I continued to watch. She worked at that hole a good five minutes, dirt piling higher and higher as the minutes passed. Then she simply stopped and trotted away, leaving behind her hard earned hole.

I walked over and looked in – nothing. No small animal, no treasure, not even a root. What could she possibly have been looking for? As I pushed the dirt back into the hole and patted it with my foot and contemplated the reasons a dog would dig a hole:

Looking for a cool spot to lay

Hunting an underground rodent

Burying a treasured possesion of some sort

Simply for entertainment

I thought about the last one…for her entertainment.

why would she do something she knows she shouldn’t?

She knows that she is going to get in trouble….it has happened before, it will happen again.

She knows that nothing will come of it….there isn’t anything there after all.

She knows that by doing this she will displease her master (me for the moment J) someone she loves.

Yet she does it just the same.

And I contemplate how often I too dig holes:

With my words to my family and friends – once said, they cannot be taken back, the hole is started.

With my actions throughout the day – everything that I do has an impact on the world around me. Poorly planned schedules can lead to wasted time that I will never get back, and selfishly chosen activities will leave others wanting – the hole gets deeper.

With my financial choices – funds are certainly finite in this life. The way I spend them certainly says something about what I consider important. When I spend everything that I have without any thought for tomorrow or others, the hole becomes a dark tunnel, deep and cold.

With my choices of entertainment – everything that I take in whether visually or experiential, has an impact on who I am becoming. Today’s media, social or otherwise, is filled with less than prime examples of clean living. Gossip and profanity, as well as things available simply for their fear and shock value, have become standard means of communication. At what cost am I making these choices? The cost of who I am?

…and I find myself buried beneath a mound of dirt in a hole that I dug myself.

I suspect that I would not be trotting happily away from this hole, as had my grand-puppy from hers. And as I pat down the woodchip topping on Melody’s morning entertainment, I resolve to avoid digging one of my own, for my desire is to please my Master. Instead, I am putting away my shovel and sitting at the feet of my Master waiting for my “well done good and faithful servant!”


Have you had holes of your own making that you regret? What steps can you take today to resolve to fill them back in before they bury you?  Consider leaving a comment.

meLisa is a wife, a mom, a lover of Jesus, and all around creative soul. She has been gifted as a visionary and leader, and seeks to be obedient in that calling from God. Her personal journey is varied and ever changing as she takes obedient steps each and every day, and follows the leading of the Lord.

Read her personal journey through writing here: lisaevola.com

2 responses to “Digging Holes

  1. Ouch! That one dug deep into my heart. I certainly need to put my shovel away. Lock it up and throw away the key. Sure is easy to use it, even when I know the hole I’m digging is anything but pleasing to my Master. Excellent post!!! Thank you for this important reminder!


    • I keep having to dig myself out of my hole too Brenda…and I suspect that it will be a continuing struggle of mine. As the Apostle Paul said: what I should do, I do not…what I don’t want to do; I do….crazy….but we are not alone. I pray for you in your struggle!! Share the post if you will….I think we all need to hear this!


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