A week in a beautiful life…

Did you miss any of our great posts this last week?  Well here they are -


imageWhat if your purpose wasn’t about you -heidi wilt

Have you ever grappled with what your purpose is ?  Did you ever think that you would have one main purpose, something grand and meaningful ? I know that I have.  Isn’t it interesting that the people who have the most joy and peace in… {read more}


Ch4.RevelatoryGemsDream Revelations -barb koob

Do you realize that all kinds of revelation experiences surround you every day? Similar to reading between the lines, these experiences often do… {read more}


pray-for-me-i-order-you-1207110-639x425The paradox of God using righteous sinners -christie thomas

As I drove home from work, I cried out to God in utter confusion. I asked “why me?” and “what is going on here?” You might assume that my life was falling apart, but in fact, the opposite {read more}


1 Works all things together copyA Weary Day -stephanie reynolds

I awoke this morning tired. A little stressed. A little like an absentminded Santa…{read more}



JUNE 10 DRESSINGEasy Homemade Salad Dressing -maria wolf

Fresh salads and healthy lifestyles go hand in hand. After all, what could be better for you than a big plate full of leafy greens, fresh vegetables, fiber-rich legumes and lean proteins? Unfortunately, you could {read more}


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