Mothers day coloring page and card

Today we celebrate the women who have so greatly impacted our lives.

I dare say that our time with them has made us, in large part, who we are today.Their choices may not have always been perfect, but you can bet that every single one of them was made in love. Seriously, children should come with manuals. But since they don’t, mothers are left to try to navigate the waters of colic, the terrible two’s, adolescent backtalk and teenage angst.

Whew…that was a tough one!

I pray that everyone is joyfully celebrating the good times, and extending some grace toward the not so good times.

Today, we have a coloring page for you. It can be printed out as an 8×11 page, or as a 4×5 card. Color it in, or just give it to her like it is with a pack of crayons or colored pencils…she’l love it!  Each choice is below for you. The 4×5 is printed on a full size piece of card stock and then folded to form your card.  Add a greeting inside and you are good to go!

The girls at a beautiful life wish you a very happy and joyous day! And don’t forget to thank your Mom for putting up with you all these years!!

8×11 coloring page

4×5 coloring card

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