when GOD created mothers

may mothers day

{I know that I said I would have a post on the holy spirit and fire today, but this seemed a bit more fitting for the week that it is, so the Holy Spirit and Fire post will be up next Friday, May 13th. So sorry if you are disappointed, but I think you will really enjoy this…read on!}

The envelope said: “read in your quiet time”

I tucked the folded white packet into the pocket of my purse and continued our conversation.

Mom and me.

We met for an early mother’s day breakfast, just the two of us, and were enjoying each other’s company immensely. She gave me my baby book, after explaining the hours spent copying each and every page in it because she simply couldn’t let go of them. “They bring me such joy…and tears,” she explained. Tears welled in her own eyes and we shared some moments of remembering things of days past.

The next morning in my quiet time, I opened the envelope that she had given me. On the right side of the page in her own writing it read: “I’ve had this packed away for about 20 years. Happy Mother’s Day ~ Love Mom.”  Then on the left, a copy of an old article from Erma Bombeck.

Do you remember Erma Bombeck?

Whether you do or not, I think you will appreciate the words that she penned so many years ago, for they speak so beautifully of those we call “Mother” today. Here is what it said:

When God Created Mothers –by Erma Bombeck

When the good Lord was creating Mothers He was into His sixth day of “overtime” when the angel appeared and said, “You’re doing a lot of fiddling around on this one.”

And the Lord said, “Have you read the spec on this order?” “She has to be completely washable..but not plastic, have 180 movable parts…all replaceable. Run on black coffee and leftovers, have a lap that disappears when stands up. A kiss that can cure anything from a broken leg to a disappointed love affair and six pair of hands.”

The angel shook her head slowly and said, “Six pairs of hands…no way.”

“It’s not the hands that are causing me problems,” said the Lord, “It’s the three pair of eyes that Mothers have to have.”

“That’s on the standard model?” asked the angel.

The Lord nodded – one pair that sees through the closed doors when she asks, “What are you kids doing in there?” when she already knows. Another pair in the back of her head that sees what she shouldn’t, but what she has to know…and of course, the ones here in front so that she can look at a child when he goofs and says, “I understand and I love you,” without so much as uttering a word.

“Lord”, said the angel touching His sleeve gently, “Come to bed. Tomorrow….”

“I can’t,” said the Lord, “I’m so close to creating something so close to myself. Already I have one who heals herself when she is sick…can feed a family of six on one pound of hamburger…and can get a 9 year old to stand under a shower.”

The angel circled the model of a Mother very slowly. “It’s too soft,” she sighed.

“But tough!” said the Lord excitedly. “You cannot imagine what this Mother can do, or endure.”

“Can it think?”

“Not only can it think but it can reason and compromise,” said the Creator.

Finally the angel bent over and ran her finger across the cheek, “There’s a leak,” she pronounced. “I told you you were trying to put too much into this model.”

“It’s not a leak,” said the Lord, “It’s a tear.”

“What’s it for?”

“It’s for joy, sadness, disappointment, pain loneliness and pride.”

“You are a genius,” said the angel.

The Lord looked somber…”I didn’t put it here.”


I don’t know about you, but this brought tears to my eyes.

Thank you Mom for sharing this with me and for being my Mother all of these years through the joy, the pain, the trials and the tears. I will always love you.


How will you be honoring your Mother who gave up so much for you and gave everything she had to be your Mom? Please consider leaving a comment, and share this post as a tribute to what God has given you in the person who is your Mother.

Happy Mother’s Day!



meLisa is a wife, a mom, a lover of Jesus, and all around creative soul. She has been gifted as a visionary and leader, and seeks to be obedient in that calling from God. Her personal journey is varied and ever changing as she takes obedient steps each and every day, and follows the leading of the Lord.

Read her personal journey through writing here: lisaevola.com

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