Did you miss something? Weekend wrap-up

Here’s what you missed this week:

March Jane Sunday’s Printable Scripture

You are created

You are seen

You are known… {read more}



april the real you


Can God Handle the Real You?  –claudia royal

What is your prayer style?  Are you polite, searching for the perfect words?  Does it cause your prayers to sound respectful, but not authentic?  What does this say about your relationship with God?  Are we keeping Him at a distance, instead of allowing our loving Father to embrace and change us and our circumstances?  {read more}




What's Your PurposeWhat’s your Purpose?  -janis cox

The past few weeks I have been on an entirely new venture – launching a children’s book. When I published my first book, Tadeo Turtle in 2012, I knew nothing about marketing. I didn’t have a platform. I didn’t have very many connections except my writing groups (which are very important). All of a sudden I was an author.  {read more}


Half Moon CayTravel and What it Does to You  -marcia laycock

I have just returned from a sixteen day trip across the Pacific Ocean. Being on open water for that long eventually gives you good sea legs but when you return you find you also have an inner ear that seems to insist that you are still bobbing and rolling along, days after you have arrived on dry land.  {read more}


Forest streamTrue Love is Deeper than a Stream  –glynda kinsland-johnson

There are two streams on my property…

One is a pretty stream that twists and turns as it flows down the mountain. It is fresh and full and teeming with life. Turn over almost any rock and you will stir up crayfish, minnows, and salamanders (or mudpuppies, as we call them). There are small falls found all along the slope. Deer, bear, raccoon, skunk, opossum, wild turkey and many more visit the pools that have formed in this stream.  {read more}


april marie

Unexpected Love  -marie bride

I was touched by a dear woman who shared her story of finding a lovely 20-year-old daughter after years of misfortune with infertility, it especially touches my heart as I also never had children of my own and truly understand the heartaches that those times can cause a woman to feel.  {read more}



We hope you have enjoyed this week’s posts!  Join us next week for some encouragement and a bit of inspiration!





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