Little Choices, Big Results

I was feeling out of of sorts. It was Saturday, and I was home with the kids while my husband was away working. They were asking what we were going to do that day, and I didn’t have an answer.
I thought of options. We could stay home, but we stayed home last Saturday. I could take them to the library. They all love to read and we have two libraries within half an hour’s drive. I could also take them shopping, but four kids and shopping weren’t always a good mix.

I glanced outside. The trampoline! That’s it – I could take them with me to buy a new trampoline. The one we had either needed to be repaired or taken down. The stitching on the mat was disintegrating after twelve years.

The phone rang.

“Hi Honey, I didn’t think you’d be up yet. I was going to leave you a message.”
I smiled. My husband rarely phones me when he is working.
“Thanks. By the way, I didn’t have a chance to talk to you, but I think the kids and I will go buy a new trampoline today.”
“Oh, what time were you thinking of going? I should be home by early afternoon.”
“We will wait until you get home then. Love you.”
“Love you too! Bye.”

Later that day we all went shopping. On the way, my husband quizzed me about what kind of trampoline I was planning to buy. I told him I wasn’t sure, that I was thinking of maybe getting a springless version, maybe at Walmart. He showed me a flyer from Canadian Tire. A springless trampoline was on sale for over $2,000. I had no idea springless trampolines were so expensive!

Soon he was on the phone. I felt annoyed, especially since he gets after me for spending time on my phone when we are together. However, I soon realized he was phoning a friend who had a springless trampoline. When he was done, he switched places with me so that he could drive while I checked prices on my smart phone. I discovered trampolines with springs were selling for anywhere between $300-600. My husband and I agreed we didn’t want to pay the extra for the springless model.

We priced trampolines out at two different stores and then purchased a 15-foot model. When we arrived home, my husband, daughter, and I worked as a team to put the trampoline together.

As I thought about the day, I remembered the little choices both my husband and I made.

  • My husband decided to phone me

  • I chose to discuss my plans with him

  • He asked questions instead of getting upset

  • He chose to go with us instead of doing something else

  • We worked together to make the best purchase for our family

  • We chose to set the trampoline up together instead of doing other things.

Video: New Trampoline

Each decision was a small one, but together, they enabled us to problem solve and get a trampoline up for our kids to enjoy. In the past, those little choices haven’t been so positive. And neither have the results. I’m thankful God is helping us make better choices with better results!

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2 responses to “Little Choices, Big Results

  1. Sometimes I think the little choices can be so much more important than the big ones. Probably because we don’t usually think about them. They are often made in an instant and done carelessly. Pausing to consider before making them, and working together can really bring it all together.- and makes everyone happier in the end! Thanks for the reminder Ruth!

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  2. I agree, Lisa. We need to pay more attention to the “little” things in our lives. Each choice takes us closer to something bigger, so we need to be intentional about the direction we are heading and make the appropriate choices. Thankfully God and others forgive us when we mess up

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