3 Requirements for a Spirit Led Life


But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you 
into all the truth. 
He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, 
and he will tell you what is yet to come. John 16:13

I don’t know about you, but I like to hear truth – whether I like that truth is another thing entirely.

We all enjoy listening to things that make us feel good, or compliments that build our confidence. But imagine if every word that was spoken to you was a half-truth, or even a lie. Yes, you may live in ignorant bliss for a while, but ultimately it would not be real, and possibly even detrimental to your growth as a Christ follower.

But sometimes hearing the truth can be difficult. No one wants to be told that what they think is okay, isn’t. In the same sense, not everything we believe to be wrong – is. We live in a world of confusion. This is the enemy’s grand plan.

Satan wants to keep us befuddled and questioning.

I for one do not want to believe his lies. And here is the good news: We as believers, have someone available to us each and every moment of the day to give us truth and knowledge of righteousness. He is a powerful asset – are you tapping into it? We were not made to wander in wondering. We were made to be victorious, to live an empowered life.

Jesus tells us in John 16:13 that we have available to us absolute truth given directly to us by the Spirit of God. We don’t have to go to someone else to access this.  It was sent to you as soon as you believed. Yet most of us don’t acknowledge this presence in our lives. We act as though we have never received this gift –and it is a gift! But one that we need to open in order to benefit from its power in our lives.

So, how do we open this precious gift?

The Holy Spirit is ready and willing – but He is also a Gentleman.  He will not force himself on you. He has the utmost respect and patience, and He will wait for you to ask. Many times it is in our wilderness experiences that a glimmer of that presence shows itself. Have you had one of those? A wilderness experience?

I have – more that I would like to admit really.

But it was in those moments that I observed the power that was available to me. It was at those times of ultimate need that He gently guided me to answers and truth. But it isn’t only in the wilderness that we can experience this – it is always available to us

We simply have to ask.

So here are 3 requirements for the believer to live the Spirit led life:

  1. You must desire God’s plan

God has a plan. Matthew 5:6 tells us that we are blessed when we hunger and thirst for righteousness. We have to want to be part of God’s plan which Jesus says is righteousness (Matthew 3:15) Righteousness according to the dictionary is: the quality of being morally right or justifiable. Does this mean that we have to be perfect? Absolutely not.  There are plenty of examples in God’s word of people who have messed up – some of them big, whom God has called righteous.  But they desired God and His plan for humanity.

  1. You must understand your identity

Jesus knew who He was (Matthew 3:17), and because of this was able to do exactly what He was supposed to. We have that same ability. Who do you identify with?  Do you accept yourself as God’s son/daughter? Whose acceptance do you strive for each day, God’s or the worlds? God loves, Satan hates. Who would you rather be aligned with? Know who you are, and whose you are. Then you will be able to access what He has in store for you.


  1. You must respond willingly

Have you ever been prodded to minister to someone, and you weren’t really sure why? I have.  Most of the time I am listening closely and respond, but when I am not paying attention, or am in a dry bones place, I have walked away from opportunities that I knew God was leading me into.  They aren’t always helping someone who is in trouble, although those times have come too. Sometimes it is speaking His truth when it is all too absent from a conversation. These are the things I find most difficult to be obedient in. Saying something unpopular that you know is going to elicit an unwanted reaction, can make us feel like outcasts, like we don’t fit in.

And that is a difficult place to be.

But may I encourage you? Standing up for what is true and righteous can make all the difference in your life. The gift of truth is waiting for you. Open the life giving power and live a Spirit led life!


Soli Deo Gloria!


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2 responses to “3 Requirements for a Spirit Led Life

  1. Amen to living victorious! Thanks for the reminder. Have a great weekend.


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