growing things….and March’s giveaway!

march giveaway

Buds are appearing on the bushes outside my window; plump with the promise of life and vitality. Sloshy snow is gently falling, yet they persist in their greening emergence.

And I contemplate growing things

Spring is coming, and with it ~ new life. Soon it will be time to plant the seeds that will become the food we eat and the flowers we admire. As the earth warms and the sun moves closer, I am reminded of another Son and how He warms hearts and helps them to grow.

Our recent celebration of Jesus’ resurrection reminds us that He has given us another chance, a chance at new life. A chance to grow in love and faith as we hang on to the promise of new life with Him. This is not only for our future selves, it is also for who we are now. Yes, one day all believer’s will live in His glorious presence, but TODAY we can live in His glorious PRESENTS!

I pray that we will all recognize the gifts that He has given us – and determine to grow in them.

So today, as I plant my seeds for the future – both for food, and love for my fellow man, I will remember the sun/Son that will warm those seeds and help them to grow into something beautiful!

TODAY we have our monthly giveaway.

Remember those printable garden pages that we had a few weeks ago? (see them here) Well, we have put them all together into a binder and are offering them to you today! Just leave a comment, share this post on facebook, twitter or pinterest between now and April 1st, and we will put your name in for the drawing. Then let us know where you shared it either in the comment section, or send us an email: [email protected].

Included in the binder are: 1 cover page, 12 monthly dividers, 6 seed pages with envelopes, 4 garden bed planner pages, 12 “what’s happening in the garden this month” pages, and some extra lined paper for anything else that you might like to take note of during your wanderings. Also included in my favorite gel pen - a pilot G-2. You will absolutely love this pen….so smoooooth!

Good luck, and happy growing!

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One response to “growing things….and March’s giveaway!

  1. I’ll be heading back to Canada in 10 days. First thing on my list is my vegetable garden. I kept notes last year. I know what I need to change this summer.


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