do you doubt your God dreams?

march dream run

I have a dream…..

…a God dream. He has placed it on my heart, secured it in my mind, and empowered me to walk it out. It wasn’t something that I asked for, so certainly it was from Him-not from my own desires.


My personality is such that I can take an idea and then sprint up a mountain with it. God made me this way, so I’m sure that He anticipates this from me. So I run and run with fervor, but when I reach about halfway up, the sprint becomes a cantor, and I begin to see the other runners jogging up alongside me.  Some of the contenders pass me right by - even though I seem to be running harder and faster than they are.

Doubt begins to enter my thoughts as my cantor slows to an agonizingly slow trot. Doubts about my purpose, my calling, and my dream

My God dream

Have you been there?

Are you seeing others passing you by in their ministries, their relationships, their dreams? Are you questioning whether you are really called to do this?  Is this really what God is asking, or is it a case of mistaken identity? How can you know for sure that this is your purpose?

For me, the doubt becomes discouragement, and the trot becomes a walk…

Sometimes painfully slow….

…and I realize then that the walk is completely the point. I was running toward my destination, and as I ran, I was missing out on everything along the way that the Lord had instore for me.

  • I was missing out on the relationship building with Him and the others that I would encounter.
  • I was missing out on the beautiful things that you notice along the road as you walk slowly and observe your surroundings.
  • I was missing out on the life that He had in store for me – passing it by as I sprinted up the side of the mountain.
  • I was missing out on – Everything.

Focusing on other’s will only further the discouragement. Their walk isn’t your walk, so comparing your trot to their sprint will only make matters worse. Are you running toward that God given dream today? Sprinting toward the top and missing out on the beauty that is along the side of the road? Maybe a slower pace will bring it all into focus.

For it isn’t the destination that matters as much as the journey getting there.

There will certainly be times of significant activity. As you watch and listen intently, you will hear Him say run! But then the flurry will slow again to allow for Him to refresh you and give you the next step of the journey.

Jesus was constantly seeking His Father’s will, sometimes even avoiding people who needed Him in the process. It was necessary for Him – and it is necessary for us.

Are you running on empty today? Maybe the Lord wants you to slow down and seek Him. Your God dream may just depend on it!

Has God placed a dream in your heart? We would love to hear from you about it!  Please consider leaving a comment.

Soli Deo Gloria


meLisa is a wife, a mom, a lover of Jesus, and all around creative soul. She has been gifted as a visionary and leader, and seeks to be obedient in that calling from God. Her personal journey is varied and ever changing as she takes obedient steps each and every day, and follows the leading of the Lord.

Read her personal journey through writing here:

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2 responses to “do you doubt your God dreams?

  1. I can relate so well to your post, Lisa. I’m very goal-oriented and sometimes I get frustrated with “distractions” which are actually God’s appointment for me. When I don’t make as much progress as I think I should, I feel like giving up. Thanks for reminding us that God is faithful and He will continue to lead us and guide us to the places He has for us!


    • We all need them for sure. He keeps reminding me today’s step is all that I need, and that tomorrow will take care of itself. Be encouraged sister…He is faithful!


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