The Flowers Appear on the Earth


It is the time to get together with a good friend and build something that will be adorable and useful for the spring season. Lisa has been dreaming of building a greenhouse for a while so we thought we would put that dream into action. Repurposing items not only helps the environment but also gives those items a little sentimental value. We used six old windows to build this mini greenhouse. A few are actually old windows from her 200 year old home. How cool is that!
What you will need is:

  • Drill
    Table saw or miter saw or even a hand saw
    2-1/2 inch screws, 1-1/2 inch screws
    Some old scrap wood preferably 2 to 4 inches wide
    Some old wooden windows we used 6 (basically close to the same height)
    Hinges and a handle
    Plexi glass

Before each project I like to pray for the person I am administering to, as well as the project and wisdom to accomplish the goal. Make God a part of it and you will seem Him working in you.

We began by checking window widths and heights and how best they would fit together. We put two matching windows across from each other and used two more for the opposite side to create our four walls. Then we used 2 of the same size windows for the roof.
1. Take two largest windows and place them on your scrap wood and mark the length of both of them. Reason why I suggest this is that the windows may be old and the length may vary.
2. We are going to do something a little different for the small sides. Then are going to be shorter than the window so that they allow the longer side base rails to sit next to them. So I basically mark the window length then lay one of the base boards on top and mark the width of the board from the edge of base board. That will give you the length you need. (Tip: lay out your base board pieces after you have them cut then set the four windows on top butting the edges together to make sure your dimensions are correct)
3. If all seems like it is fitting well we drilled holes on the sides of the boards toe nailing them to each other to make it easier to mount the base board to the bottom.
4. Next align your window against each other. Pre drill 3 holes (1” from top and bottom of the window and one in the center). Now fasten with your 2-1/2” screws. Note: Depending on the depth of wood you are using for your base use the appropriate length of screw being careful not to have them too long in which they might pierce the glass.
5. Now place your base on top of the windows and screw the base to the windows. You may need your 1-1/2 inch screws here.
6. Now you are going to flip it over carefully and make a top the same way you made the base and screw that into place as well
7. Ok moving onto the roof portion. Measure the sides of the 2 window you will use with some more of your old wood. Cut and overlap the two boards on the sides of your windows forming an “L” Screw them in place with 1-1/2” screws. This gives us the mounting base for our hinges.
8. To mount the hinges we stood the two windows up. Butted the over lapping boards and screwed the hinges to each one. Now we are ready to set the roof onto the greenhouse. Yeaaah!
9. (Tip: to help hold the windows in place we sunk 4 screws on the edge of each corner of the top boards so that the frame could rest against them and keep the roof from collapsing until we are able to make the framing that will support the roof. These are just temporary and will be take out at the end of the project.
10. We are installing a two piece frame so this is the hard part. We had to figure out the angle so we took a piece of paper and drew the top of the triangle and roof. Then we folded the paper in half and now we were able to determine what angle we needed the top of our boards to be cut. Lisa marked each side as right and left which was helpful. Now line edge of the paper with the long edge of the wood and make your mark. Cut your angle on that mark for (2) rights and (2) lefts.
11. To find the angle of the base of the “A” frame we place the boards we just cut against the terrarium and simply marked the bottom for all 4 pieces. Cut and now you are ready to screw them in place. We used 2-1/2 inch screws to screw the ONE side of the window to the “A” frame (Note: the other side is the one you will use to open the terrarium) and then we put one screw at the top and two screws in each board where the “A” frame rests on the upper ledge. Voila! Now you can remove your temporary screws and all should be secure.
12. So we have two openings along the “A” frame we want to enclose and this is where the Plexi glass comes in. We sketched out the “A frame with a piece of paper and cut the Plexi glass oversized so that we could Glue it in place mounting it from the inside. You need a fine toothed saw to cut this Home depot will cut it for you if need be.
13. Attach your handle is the final touch.

Lisa has big plans for this greenhouse. She will be starting seeds for her vegetable garden in it. She also plans on giving it a paint job…so stay tuned for the further details!

If anyone has questions or comments please feel free to write in. I welcome the opportunity to encourage and enable women.

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