Dear Vanessa ~ Discovering Your Purpose

We all are given gifts from God, and these gifts are intertwined in our unique purpose.   Through the phases of life, sometimes our gifts get lost in translation.    As women we feel everything, and at times we lose ourselves in the busy. I have felt this way during a few phases in my life, like I was walking with my heads in the clouds.  

The first phase was when each of my children were born.   The first born is always a transition right?   You don’t know what to expect and often moms are overprotective and overactive with their first born.  I remember always making sure his hands were clean, bottles and soothers were disinfected, and always in his best clothes.   But I also felt like a zombie.   He was a hungry guy, and continuous nursing – sometimes I was lucky if I fit in a bath.   Oh yes, and the bubble brain, how could I forget that?   My mind was a constant fog.   Then we added our second son, life took on a different dynamic.   Time was hard to come by.  There were moments of complete joy in seeing these wonderful creations, I was in complete awe.    This was my purpose, to focus on being a mom and on the ones I love.  My purpose was still there but in a different way.  It’s easy to happen in the busy, your time is needed at all angles.   Whether it be your small little ones, your husband, your friends, your family – everyone wants you and your families’ time.

Purpose can come in so many different forms, and what I have realized a golden thread intertwines itself through the years.    For me, my unique purpose is being aware of everyone’s unique needs, seeing what’s beneath the surface.   I love people.  Perhaps that is why during the phases of baby and toddler years I felt sucked dry.   Everyone needed me.    What I forgot to do during this phase was take some time alone to reflect, renew and recharge.      Being a people pleaser at heart also was a big drainer.   I didn’t know how to say a two letter word that could be so powerful – “no”.    Saying no isn’t a bad thing, it allows us to achieve boundaries in our lives.   Looking back I have no regrets, simply lessons that have brought me to the place I am today.

When you look back on your life, what is the theme you see?   What brought you happiness and excitement?   What allowed you to feel completely centered inside?

When we discover our unique gifts, and we use them for good (whether it be for our good or others) we feel such abundance and much fulfillment.  I have realized that my fulfillment comes from loving others.  But I have now realized that I need to do this in balance.        Taking time for myself is important, because it allows me to recharge and renew.   In the absence of this, my resources become dry and I am no good to myself or others.    

Today I challenge you, look back and figure out what that common thread is in your life that brings you complete joy.     Write down the activities or items that brought you the most satisfaction.  You will see the theme.   Remember, you are important, and take the time to renew.  Balance is everything in achieving abundance.      May you be blessed my friend.


Dear Lord God, As women we often take on too much, and then take too little time for ourselves.  Help us to refocus, reprioritize and renew.   Also, bring to light for us our unique purpose, allow us to sharpen the saw in our gifting’s.  I pray for this in Jesus Name Amen.

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