The one I love ~ + giveaway

Valentines day~

Just the words invoke a variety of emotion.

Fear in the hearts of men

Joy and anticipation in that of women

Most men are scrambling at the last minute, having underestimated the importance of this “sacred” day to their girlfriend/wife.

I sat listening from my dining room table, to a young girl sitting in my living room, confiding in my youngest that she feared her boyfriend (my son’s bestie) was not going to give her anything for valentine’s day. I could tell by his voice that he was doing his best to calm her down, assure her that she was thought of, without revealing what he knew, mind you. But she wasn’t having it.

I’ve been there

The fear that we are not loved as much as we love. The fear that we will be forgotten.

Maybe you’ve been there too?

May I encourage you today to know that YOU ARE LOVED!

Even if life is falling apart around you, there is One who loves you more that words could ever describe, more that all the candy and flowers could ever impart. More that the biggest diamond will ever express.

You are LOVED by a mighty God!

Tomorrow, whether you receive in return the love you feel for another,

KNOW that you are known

DISCOVER that you are loved

deep down in your soul

Because He gave up everything for you….FOR YOU!

In honor of that love so freely given, we are hosting a giveaway!

This graphic speaks of the love we have from our Creator, as well as the love for our soul mate.

This is a 14 x 8 removable vinyl wall graphic. It can be applied to any smooth flat surface. the pieces come mounted on a re-position-able clear carrier sheet.

To win this wall graphic, simply share this post on facebook, twitter, pinterest - any social media channel. Then leave a comment and let us know what social media platforms you posted on. we will put your name in the bowl once for each time you have shared. Then, if you aren’t signed up already, join our email list and we will put you in one more time! If you are already a follower, you are automatically put into the bowl, but you can increase your chances by sharing more! We will announce the winner next Saturday!  Good luck!


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