Dear Vanessa ~ I AM: How do you see yourself?

picture of family joyShe sits in the classroom and looks around, feeling empty inside.  Another day, another walk down the hall.  She hangs her head as in shame, and cannot wait to get home and escape.   They look at her and laugh, they make puking noises as she walks by.    She sees herself through their eyes, the voices in her head say:

I AM ugly.

I AM unworthy.

I AM a loser.

As He looks down on her – He sheds a tear.   He loves her beyond her understanding, and wishes that she would focus on the good, the beautiful from the inside out.   He knows that all events happen for His good.   He can see how this will help to build her to be all that she was meant to be.

Being a parent now myself, I can relate to how God felt when I told myself I was unworthy.   So much is out of our control as parents.    However, we can feed our children the good.   We can tell them how we will love them unconditionally, how we can see all of their gifts and how their imperfections are part of their perfect tapestry.

Looking back on my life, I see how the good has come out of the bad.    I would not change anything that has happened in this life.  If you have walked in someone’s shoes you can relate and help them through the difficulty.    You can identify with the very nature of the soul.    This is a gift.  When you use the gift – magic happens.

I often ask myself why can people be so insecure and why this occurs in our schools, in the workplace, at home?  It all comes down to one simple but complex thing - the love of self.    The love of self is missing, absent, deep within.

Perhaps if we do not experience or see the bad, would we really know the good or great?

The sentence that starts with I AM is so powerful.  It can create joy, or inner turmoil.  What if we all could change the meaning of I AM for ourselves and the people we engage with every day?  What if these were the thoughts that everyone had?





I may be idealistic, but I believe it can happen.   An action can create a reaction.  I know I am going to try my best to show my children how they are seen through their Father’s eyes.    I am also going to use the words of His grace when I am weak. And every moment I get, I am going to interact with love with all of his children.   It is through our love and actions with one another that life becomes really full.

God wants us so much to realize the potential within.   We are all beautifully made, in his likeness.    Lets all work together to change the “I AM” in our society.

I AM is not

Where we work

What we look like

What title we hold

How much money we have

What we accumulate.

I AM is love from the inside out.   To fully love ourselves for who we are, and to extend it outward, as God has always wanted us to.

Dear Lord God,

Help us to know You from within.  Help us to see ourselves through your eyes, and to have that same effect on the ones around us that we love and care for.    I am so thankful for Your Grace, I AM WHO I AM.  Thank-you for helping me to accept that, and love me for me.

I pray for all of this in Jesus Name Amen.


Be blessed, Ness


4 responses to “Dear Vanessa ~ I AM: How do you see yourself?

  1. I love this! It is true….we place so much value on the wrong things. Then when we can’t possibly measure up to our expectations of ourselves…or that of others, we begin to question what God has made. Accepting ourselves is so difficult…..


  2. Vanessa,
    Thanks for reminding us of the power of words. Too often we focus on the negative instead of the positive. We all need to soak ourselves in God’s love and then share His love with everyone around us.

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