Loving God

Matthew tells us Jesus was challenged and asked about the greatest commandment.  The Son of God did not hesitate when He answered:

“…Love the Lord your God with all your HEART and with all your SOUL and with all your MIND.”  Matthew 22:37 (NIV)

God expects us to cherish Him with a heart, mind and soul full of loveALL of our being should be bursting…

completely, wholly, fully, utterly, absolutely, and totally with affection,

so that He is loved above all else.  Our jealous God desires that we love Him supremely.  God wants us for Himself. We are His precious creations. God cherishes our love.

We gain a sweet knowing of God that is more complete as we lose ourselves in Him. If we allow our love of God to consume us, as He desires, then it is His nature that dwells within us and motivates us to do His will. His will, not ours…

Are you participating in church work because it is expected or are you acting out of love for the Father? Do you show up because it is a lifelong habit or are you eager to see where God is taking you? Do you just do good works because they need doing or do you sense that God is pouring His love through you into the lives of others?

There are times when I know that my heart, mind and soul are not right…not full to the brim with love for the Father. Earthly desires creep in. Complacency and apathy take over. Guilt flattens my affection.  God seems distant because I have turned away. The roots that water my faith, prayer and the Word, have shrunk because I, in my disobedience, have not tended them.  Issues of time and over-commitment leave me frayed.

In those times, I find that I need to honestly and prayerfully examine what I have allowed to compromise my relationship with God.  What stands in the way of my being totally rectified with my Lord and Savior?  Could it be a love of self, love of others, love of money, love of worldly ways, affection for a habit, or possibly issues of unresolved sin? The list is long and the trappings tricky.

Whatever the issue, for God’s purpose and our survival, we Christians must set aside our distractions at some point and turn our faces back to the Father.  For you see, He never leaves us. God is always there with His loving heart, waiting until we are ready to receive the blessings of His love.  The more we see Him, the more we know Him. The more we know Him, the deeper and more complete is our love.  And as we love Him, we shall serve Him and

be the face and hands of His love in a lost and dying world.



4 responses to “Loving God

  1. I find that the logical me says: if I love the Lord with all my heart, I will always want to do everything that presents itself to me in the ministry realm. But I think it is important to realize that not everything is for us to do. Loving God doesn’t mean saying yes to every ministry opportunity that comes along, or yes to every request for help from the church. It’s okay to say no, or to not want to participate in some activities. Sometimes we just need to seek His will for the BEST yes. I can often become an overachiever because I truly want to do and be everything for everyone, but burnout has taught me that if I allow this, I will be ineffective in everything, even the things I should be doing. That is where the close relationship with the Lord comes in - He will guide my steps….even when I try to run ahead


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