2016 - A New Year.

Hopefully one of blessing and promise.

If you are anything like me, right now you are exhausted!  The Christmas season certainly has a way of taking everything out of you. As I sit here at my computer staring at a blank screen, searching for encouragement to share and feeling empty, the words of one of my favorite songs comes to mind:

“Finding myself at a loss for words, and the funny thing is it’s okay. The last thing I need is to be heard, but to hear what you would say.” Mercy Me – Word of God Speak

These words express my heart at this moment more profoundly than anything that I could ever come up with. There are those times when we simply need to listen. To breathe. To sit in the Lord’s presence and hear what He has to say to our hearts and our souls. As the Holidays wind down, I find myself empty.

  • Empty of words
  • Empty of vision
  • Empty of tasks that have driven me the last month.

The Christmas season is a time of such busyness. It’s a season of love as well, but sometimes in the immense outpouring, we are left with nothing left to give.


Jesus found Himself experiencing this often throughout the Gospels.

  • He gave.
  • He loved.
  • Then He prayed …and was filled.

We can learn great lessons from His actions. Primarily this:

When you are empty, sit quietly before the Lord and be filled.

January is a time of rest and reconnection for the writer’s at a beautiful life. We are taking a much needed sabbatical so that in February we will be filled with God’s spirit, and able to minister to you, our readers, in a way that will impact your lives.

We have a great year of encouragement planned, one that we pray will bring you closer to God in every aspect of your day. We firmly believe that He is a living and breathing part of us, and as such should be a part of everything we do, from the smallest decisions to the development of who we are.

For us, this begins with His Word.

Below are printable scripture cards.  Each one is formatted to be printed at a 3×5 size. Print them on card stock and hang them on your mirrors, set them on your counters, or tuck them in your purses and computer bags. Each word is a gift to our souls; a gift that can bring hope, revive the spirit and bring us closer to the heart of God.

Print one… print them all. Click on each picture for a pdf download of that card, or if you wan to print them all, click here: page 1, page 2

Memorize them as a reminder of His great love.


Each Sunday in 2016 will feature a new scripture to memorize. We pray that they will soothe your soul, and inspire a closer relationship with the One who loves you most!

If you aren’t subscribed yet, please join us! It promises to be a memorable year!

See you in February!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Lisa is a writer of words, teacher of truth, and creator of   
beautiful things. Visit her personal blog page to read more about her genesis of the new year!

-want to hear the song referenced above?  It will inspire!!

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6 responses to “Breathe…

  1. We all get there at some point…and He is waiting to fill up up with what we need! Thanks for reading! Be blessed revolution of words!


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