Resurrecting Tradition

Over the years I have realized how important family is.   God’s grace is so amazing, because he allows certain things to happen in your life to create a changed perspective.   There are many defining moments in my mind, ranging from utter bliss, to events that rocked my world. But I will tell you this much, all through the way God continued to refine me, to help shift me, and I am so very thankful for the experience.

I believe that God wanted me to see that time is well spent with the ones we love, and while we do not know what tomorrow brings – make sure you savor, enjoy and immerse yourself in all this life is to offer. He wants us to be abundant in all things.

This year, we resurrected a tradition. My parents and I decided to make cabbage rolls and perogies.   My grandmother who was Ukrainian, was where the tradition began. I remember as a young girl, my mom and her making perogies in the kitchen. Grandma was in her element, and I would sit and watch.   I adored my grandmother so much.   At Christmas time, my brother and I would have contests to see who could eat the most perorgies in one sitting.    Over the years since my grandmother passed away, we have been purchasing perogies from a baba.   This was our first year we decided to make them on our own.

Moments of complete gratitude:

  • Our hands in the dough, making the little bites of goodness.
  • My mom and dad smiling and relaxed as we enjoy a nice drink and amazing company.
  • Me looking at my mom and dad and how life has blessed me so much with parents like them.
  • Adoration and love present in the room.

The day felt wonderful, and to follow – enjoying the bite-full of goodness as we enjoy company at the Christmas dinner table.   Thank-you God so much for love for family, help me to focus on being grateful this Christmas and enjoying every moment.

Are there any traditions that you need to resurrect?   May you enjoy this Christmas, and immerse yourself in the love that was meant for you.

Be blessed,


One response to “Resurrecting Tradition

  1. Pierogies!! Yum! Yum! They are one of our family traditions too, but my family is Slovak. We always stuff our pierogie eat with mashed potatoes and cheese, then boil, and re-fry in browned butter. Lots of fun, lots of work but so super delicious! What do you stuff yours with?


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