The Spirit of Christmas

I remember a time when my husband and I struggled, we barely had enough money to pay the bills.   Managing finances was a huge component of our day to day living.    As time went on, we both progressed in life and career through hard work and determination.   Looking back in time, I appreciate the learning that came out of struggling, but now am in a position to give beyond myself.

I have a huge heart and love for people.   My hope is for all people to thrive. We are very fortunate in our lives, and I believe that God has given us our blessings so that we can extend a hand on another.  Our treasures are not meant for us alone.

Have you ever asked yourself – “How did I get so lucky?”  If you have, then you certainly have considered the flip side of what it would look like to go without.

During the Christmas season I have embraced a couple of new traditions.    These two traditions are centred on the thought that it is better to give than receive.

The first tradition is to give to our sponsor children.  We have two sponsor children, one with world vision Japhet who lives in Rwanda, and another Jenno with Compassion Canada who lives in the Philippines.   I have grown to have a special place in my heart for these two boys.    Every Christmas season, I decide on providing a gift to their families.     The reason being is that although as a sponsor I am helping each of them; it is really through helping their families that will make all the difference.  This action also occurs throughout the year at various times.     I ask myself over Christmas, if I have been give abundance and security, then how can I extend the hand to them?

The second tradition that we began as a family last year was taking little Christmas packages to Elderly Care Homes in our city.    I often find that the elderly get forgotten and Christmas is one of those times that hits home.   Last year as a family we made little packages of ornaments, Christmas crackers and candy for the elderly.   It was such an amazing feeling but also overwhelmed my heart.    The looks in their eyes, the appreciation, and then came tears that flowed at various times.     One day, I will be in their situation whether it be for myself or with my own parents, and if I teach my children now about the importance of not forgetting about our loved ones – maybe they will carry the tradition on.

These two items have filled my heart so much over the past year.   They have made me realize that one small action creates a reaction.    I believe in our culture we surround ourselves so much with our wants and needs, which lead us to sometimes forgetting about what we can do beyond ourselves.   My hope is through these small actions, my children are inspired in their lives to continue to do small acts beyond themselves.

So this Christmas, although it is busy at times and can be tiresome at times, what actions can you do that will make a small difference in someone’s day?

May you be blessed my friends.



2 responses to “The Spirit of Christmas

  1. As the years have gone by, we do this more and more. It has become a tradition to provide for the homeless in our community, either with blankets or some of the other necessities of life. another thing that I traditionally do is to purchase a bunch of $5 gift cards to give out while I am shopping. Actually i have started to do this year round. If I see someone having a bad day, I give them a card and tell them how much they are appreciated. This is especially good for cashiers at Christmas time. They often get cranky when serving the public - as you can imagine. It is just a simple way to show them that they are appreciated and brighten their day just a bit. I usually write a little blurb inside the card folder that tells them that Jesus loves them. I get mixed feelings from that one, but it is a great way to let them know that he is always thinking of them!


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