Mother of the Bride: Uncharted Territory

Ephesians 5:31
“For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh”

Our oldest child and only daughter just got engaged a few weeks ago, already we are in the throws of wedding planning, as the ceremony will be next August! Last weekend she came into town for engagement photos, wedding and bridesmaid dress shopping and the planning of decor; Centerpieces; showers etc… As this whirlwind has swept me up, my head and emotions are spinning….

These last few days I have taken a pause to reflect and take it all in. My memories lead me to a beautiful bald baby girl that swept me off my feet 24 years ago. To a defiant toddler with her hands on her hip, letting me know she thought she was the boss. A bright kindergartener jumping with excitement on her first day of school. Brownies; Girl scouts; Dance recitals; church Christmas plays; Swim meets; Basketball games; Volleyball tournaments; Drivers training and license; Mission trips; Award nights; Graduations; College days; Her first Big girl job and apartment in another state…. And all the “little moments” in between: baking; costume making; homemade valentines; tea parties; important talks and on it goes. I remember the first time I prayed for her future spouse: “Lord, raise up the man that you have designed for her. Make him a godly man of integrity and character. One that will love and honor You and her, putting You and her before himself. And Lord, make him a strong man that will make her accountable and be able to lead her and their children in Your ways. Lord, you know how strong willed she is, someone to balance her and not be overtaken by her strong personality. Let them be a compliment to each other, always growing in their faith with You as the binding cord in their marriage! Father, help us as her parents to raise her up in Your ways to be a loving and respectful wife, a Proverbs 31 woman that brings honor and glory to You and her husband.” She was a toddler at the time…

The beauty in God’s promises, He keeps them! Our little girl is now a woman, about to become a wife. All those “teachable moments”; heartfelt prayers on our knees; walking life, not in perfection, but with transparency and in faith has lead her to this important decision. God has brought a man of integrity, honor and godly character to love our precious daughter…. Praising God for His faithfulness! Best part, he sets her straight and makes her accountable. God has always got it all covered.

I encourage you to pray for your children and grandchildren’s future spouses, it will effect one of the biggest decisions of their lives! It was very special to share the history of how he was prayed for by us for all these years, encouragement and confidence that God has been and is working in their life.

Abundant Blessings,
Heidi Wilt

2 responses to “Mother of the Bride: Uncharted Territory

  1. So beautiful…thank you for sharing : ) It is a great reminder for us young Moms to set the time aside - often - to give our children back to the Lord. He is good ALL the time.


    • God is so faithful! I love sharing HIS goodness…. I had mentors along the way that role modeled for me, it is good to encourage each other.
      Blessings to you!


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