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Divine Appointments

Sometimes I refer to them as “God Winks”, those times that God ordains the steps, actions, circumstances, changes the plan in order to bring His will to fruition with Praise Glory and Honor to Him! I always stand in amazement and awe when The Master is carefully putting the threads of the tapestry of life into place…. As I look back on my life and of those around me I have seen this play out in countless ways. Recently I experienced this yet again, through trials He worked all things for His glory.

I was set to start a difficult job for a client that involved twenty foot ceilings and precarious spiral staircase walls. I have been a decorative painter and muralist since 1999, so this is not new to me, however it does require the help of an employee for my safety and the ability to complete the job in a timely fashion. Two days before the job was to begin, my employee called with terrible news, her husband was in an accident and was in I.C.U. . I was devastated for her, we prayed together and then my immediate thought was “How will I accomplish this job without her help?” Once again, I prayed… Then I began the frantic search for a last minute helper that I would be able to train quickly. Next, I was hit with a kidney infection, causing another delay to the job start. That is when I knew something was up! After a few days I found someone that could work for three days and needed the money. Knowing this job normally should take a week, I went to the Lord, on my knees again, asking for some divine intervention!
As is my usual routine I prayed before beginning work each morning, on the job site. I asked the young lady if she would like to join me in prayer… She was a little unsure and I sensed she was indifferent if not skeptical, but she joined hands with me as I praised God for His provision of this job for us, asked for His protection and safety ( since I would be “hanging by my teeth from a telephone pole” – expression I use to describe the crazy things I do to complete these kind of jobs), asked for Him to bless and prosper the family we were working for and asked for a miraculous swiftness to complete this job in three days. The look on her face was very inquisitive and surprised. She turned out to be a quick study, very helpful and conscientious! I always have my Christian song list playing of 2000+ songs on shuffle while I worprayedk, this keeps me motivated, positive and often praise and worshiping “loudly” 😁. At one point she said ” This music is very Thought Provoking!”. Before I knew it we were having some deep and powerful conversations about God, Christ, salvation and the Holy Spirit…. Much of the time while I was “hanging by my teeth from a telephone pole” and troweling away.
The job was miraculously completed in three days, much to both of our surprise! God created an opportunity to witness into the life of this young lady and although there was no “salvation prayer” moment, I know that this was a stone on her path to the Lord! My employee’s husband is out of the hospital and on the mend and my kidney infection is almost gone. To God be all glory and honor!pra; p

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

Abundant Blessings,
Heidi Wilt