Pure Worship

Something a little different today.

When was the last time that you fell to your knees in pure worship of the Savior?

In pure worship of the One who made you and loves you?

May I encourage you to do so. Worship Him with what ever you have

Your pen

Your brush

Your voice

Your life

and here is my humble offering…..


Your love is stamped upon my heart

With every beat I feel its deep imprint

It fills me – overflowing

This full heart reaches out

To show the truth of Your infinite embrace –

A truth obscured by troubles

A truth reasoned away

But human reason is so inadequate…

With it You will never be found.

Only when reason is pushed away

And the personal strength we rely upon wanes,

Only then will the weak find their power in Your strength

In Your truth – in Your love.

Each day I seek

And find.

Each day I close my eyes to the world

And fill my soul with Your presence

Fill that space meant only for You.

And when they open again

Your light and love

Color my once dreary existence

With hope

And peace

And truth, joy

And love.

Always love.

And I will never give You up

Even when it doesn’t make sense

My soul will praise You

With all that I am.

I am Yours

And You are mine




Tags: a full heart, Filling the soul, finding God, God colors in the world, God in the everyday, God's strength, human reason, Infinite Embrace, poetry, praise and worship, praise Him, reaching out, seek Him, truth and life, truth obscured, when strength wanes, Worship

3 responses to “Pure Worship

  1. Thanks for sharing, Lisa. Our lives can be an act of worship, but we don’t often think of that


    • That is very true Ruth! We were made to worship Him…stands to reason that everything He has given us and everything we are would serve that purpose when it is an offering. Thanks for chiming in


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