Ready for a Refill

The clock struck midnight, and I was still up and at ’em. Having just returned from vacation, there was some catching up to do. Only one more load of clothes to put in the wash. Then off to bed.

Thankfully I wasn’t too tired to miss seeing that new pair of jeans being tossed into the machine. Burnt orange straight legs purchased in Omaha, Nebraska, of all places. No wonder they had been on sale. Those Cornhuskers up there aren’t too fond of anything reminiscent of Texas Longhorn burnt orange.

Since the jeans had never been washed, I searched for the laundering instructions, finding two labels inside the waist. The first was a cute black tag with the brand name and size. Underneath was a smaller, white label with all the details.

After reading how to properly wash the new jeans, I happened to glance at the backside of that first label. It also had the laundry information, but below the instructions was something else.

In the wee hours of the morning, as I yearned for my bed and rest, I received a very special gift that revived my weary soul.

There were the words “God Loves You” printed on the tag.

Yes, I know God loves me. However, in this day and time when there is such an uproar over the use of “God” in public schools and public buildings, along with folks denouncing Christianity all over the world, I was encouraged to know a company that manufactures trendy jeans would include such a sweet, hidden nugget.

For someone who had recently been sleep-deprived, I was suddenly wide-eyed and raring to go. Are you old enough to remember a gasoline commercial that referenced putting a tiger in your tank? That’s how I felt at that moment.

My physical exhaustion had been coupled with a spiritual low, and my tank needed to be re-fueled. My heart was full of holes that could only be filled with God’s gifts—His love, forgiveness, hope, joy and peace. He is the only one who can fill me up when I’m running on human fumes.

Because of human frailty, those gifts can leak out or even dry up, resulting in a continual need of God’s replenishment. He is always ready to equip us with all of the necessary components to live each day for His purpose, but He wants more than a quick pit stop. He wants us to come in for full-service, quality one-on-one time.

The God who loves me was waiting. We hadn’t spent much time together the previous week. He longed for an extended visit—and so did I. That little message found in a pair of jeans was just the spark needed to ignite the conversation between us.

That label could be found in thousands of pairs of jeans, but for me, at that particular moment, it was very personal. Just God and me. Alone together. Intimate prayer time with my Father to jumpstart a weary soul. Like a Tiger in my tank.

Where shall I go from your Spirit?

Or where shall I flee from your presence? Psalm 139:7

No matter where we go, He’s there and will go to any length to get our attention. God found me at midnight in my laundry room. Ready to refill my tank.

You might not find a hidden message in a pair of jeans today, but you can find the same sweet words of encouragement right here. Let it sink into all the dry places—

God Loves You!

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