Putting God on your check list


I have read several articles recently on the topic of reducing God to something on your checklist. The general consensus is that we shouldn’t, but I am always left wondering if by not placing Him in my schedule am I am making Him less? Should I not include Him in what I am doing? Is it wrong to put Him there?

Let me first just say this – depending on how you see your list -Yes, it can be!

Let me explain - For me, God isn’t a line on the checklist – He is the checklist. I think it is important to define first what our lists do for us. If you see it as a way to get through responsibilities in order to move on to the things you really want to do today, that makes God an obligation. Heart check! But if you are task oriented … or like me – whatever is not written down, is not likely to get done, then the checklist become a organizational tool.

A list is a necessary component to my day.

I would love to have the kind of life that did not require a schedule and allowed for more spontaneous “sitting at the feet of Jesus”. I would even go so far as to say that I could spend the entire day sitting in a chair talking to God and reading His words – and on very rare occasions, I have done just that. But if I want to be intentional with my day, a list is necessary….and my God “things” must be on it.

For instance, a sample list may say:

G 1. Time with God

    2.Answer emails

    3.Balance checkbook

G 4. Work on Novel

G 5. Schedule team’s devo’s for the month

G 6. Work on blog posts

    7.Grocery shopping

    8.Wash the laundry

    9.Clean the bathroom

G10. Work on art

    and many more “important” things…

You get the idea. I’ve placed big G’s next to the things on my list that have been ordained as a God thing…something that God has led me to place in my schedule, or ways that I am reaching out to those He loves.

If I didn’t give them a place there, it is entirely possible that they would not get done at all.  My brain is pretty scattered some days, and with all of the pressing things that need to happen, some things just simply get pushed out: even important things.

The list keeps me intentional.

But let’s for a moment look at the other things on that list. All ordinary everyday tasks that most people have to deal with. But just because those don’t have a big G next to them, doesn’t mean that they aren’t God ordained. He placed me in the life I am in – with the people I live it with. And this is how I love them; how I serve them.

It’s ALL God!

He infiltrates every moment of everyday.

He is there when I chose healthy food for my family, adding in a bit extra for a friend in need of a meal.

He is there when I fold my sons clothes and put them in his drawer so that he knows where everything is [if he did it himself – it would all be lost, forever J]

He is there when I respond to a friend’s email, or connect with a family member through online words.

And He is there when I give our money its proper place in life.

[not really sure He is there for bathroom duty – ick! JK – He’s there cheering me on! Happy dance!]

This is the difference between making God a line on your list, and letting God BE your list.

We all at some time or another, need to use lists, it’s part of today’s generation of busyness. But I believe it is how we use these lists that can make all the difference.

Be intentional, schedule time with God. It will be the best time spent that day!

All for his glory!



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