I love a good mystery…

Relaxing By Drinking A Cup Of Coffee And Reading A Good Novel

I love, love, love mystery novels! The good ones with happy endings anyway :)

A problem is laid out, the tension builds, and clues present themselves. Then, just when you think you have it all figured out – a twist throws your whole theory right out the window.

Yes, I love them. I love the not knowing and the surprise endings. Unless…..

Unless I’m the main character.

Have you ever noticed how the main character of a mystery always seems to be the most clueless. Ditsy to a fault. They do things you absolutely know they should not be doing. Make the wrong choices…. You find yourself screaming at the pages, “NO! Don’t do that!!  You will regret it!” and they always do. I’ve even thrown books down in frustration when a beloved character makes what I think is a stupid choice, and not finished reading it.

But in real life, I despise unanswered questions, they frustrate me. I want to know from the moment that I wake, exactly what my day will look like.

Where will I go?

Who will I see?

What will I do?

The unknown things of life, I think scare me more than I care to admit…even to myself.

When the mystery hits home, I would rather be somewhere else. Somewhere things make total sense. I often find myself acting like that character from the novel who, even with endless clues surrounding her, simply doesn’t see them (or chooses not to) and repeatedly makes the wrong decisions.

“NO! Don’t do that!” …I’d like to scream to myself. “You will be sorry!”  …and I often am.

I need an action plan – a sure thing. I don’t want to have to guess at what God’s plan is for me, I want to KNOW what His plan is.

I have, on occasion, read novels where I was so distressed at what was happening to one of the characters that I’ve flipped through to the end of the book, just to make sure that they make it out okay.

Safe to say, patience is not my virtue. (on this note: the very first book of the bible that I ever read was Revelation – I love happy endings!)

This often translates through the scope of my life. I ask God for the steps for today – I beg really. “Lord, guide me! I don’t know what to do!” and instead of waiting patiently for an answer…I continue on with MY plan….plan B.

Let’s be honest – plan B is never as good. In fact it can be a very poor replacement indeed. In a mystery novel, Plan B is the plan that usually gets the heroine into trouble. So what makes me want to run with plan B?


Fear of doing nothing.

I imagine the One writing my story is watching me choose plan B and screaming “No! Don’t do that! There is something better just around the corner!” But me, being the ditsy main character that I am, ignores all of the clues and moves right along with second best.

Then I want to know, “Why God, why?” I question motives, both mine and His. I question promises that I believe were made. Sometimes I receive answers, but often I do not.

Shanna Shutte says this:

“If God answers all of our questions, how would our faith ever be strengthened?”


Faith that even through the pains of life, ensures us of His greatness and sovereignty.

Faith that no matter what wrong turn we make, He will lead us back onto the path that leads to Him.

Faith that takes all of our mistakes and creates something beautiful from them

Faith that surpasses all understanding of this world and assures us of something better.

Faith that He will never give up – His love is eternal.


here’s the thing; Unanswered questions build faith.

When life seems to be getting you down and your questions remain unanswered, every corner you turn seems to bring more trouble, and life is a complete mystery…

REMEMBER that faith in a Holy and True God will guide you through.

Life is like a mystery novel: you may not know what the next step in your journey will be, and your choices will not always be the right ones, but God is faithful and will bring your story ultimately to a beautiful conclusion.

All for His glory



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