Speaking of freedom…..

Illustration of a cross on top of hill with American stars and stripes flag in background set inside oval shape done in retro style.

We as Americans just spent this last weekend remembering those who fought for our freedom….we celebrated and renewed our appreciation for our country and the principles that it was founded on. Some discussions centered on the freedoms that we now see as being taken away, and others focused on how to fight back.

But in all of the political conversations, have we forgotten what true freedom is and who the soldier is who fought for it?


He gave us the ultimate freedom….

A life free from sin and an eternity beyond this world with a Creator who loves us more than anything.

We have the freedom to worship the God we love.

We have the freedom to gather in His name.

We have the freedom to share His love with others.

We are free….for now.

I think the greatest tragedy will be the day that those freedoms are taken away from us; the day that it is no longer acceptable to be a Christian.  I see that day coming. Do you? Guard your hearts and minds, dear brothers and sisters. The day is coming when that is all that we will have left.

But know this:

Even if all of our freedoms that we have enjoyed up till now are taken away, we are still free in Jesus….

They CANNOT take that away. Put your faith in the eternal, for the worldly will surely pass away.

Celebrate your freedom!

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